Saturday, November 12, 2011

Step Two...

Welcome to the second gathering of John's 12 step 'Proof of Tatting Addiction' support group.

Last session we covered step one...

We admit that we are powerless over tatting -- that our lives have become somewhat more manageable as a result of tatting...well sorta, kinda, maybe not.

Today we focus on step two...

We have come to believe that a power great than ourselves (along with tatting once daily) can restore us to sanity...or at least help us maintain a balanced sense of reality in relation to the insane world around us.

You may need to help me amend this one a bit.

How do I know I'm addicted? More evidence... I've been holding out on you and hiding a bit of evidence. (I forgot to mention this one because of my own denial) check these books out. I purchased them at tat days. I was so enticed by 'pretty' that I failed to see that the Emmy Liebert book was WRITTEN IN GERMAN...OMG what was I thinking?! I don't speak German...


On another note...

I finished the rings atop the 'endless edge withouth a cause' and have returned to the filet panel

Here is the inspiration piece, the sampler, and the actual edge. More evidence of addiction. I still don't have a final project in mind other than creating a beautiful piece of lace. I think I've decided that it is the 'right' length at 4' 4" in total.

Until the next meeting...Peace and happy tatting!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's my mom's birthday today!

I've been keeping a secret from you all. I won another item in the silent auction at Tat Days this year.

I needed to keep it from you because my mom reads my blog from time to time. So, today is her birthday and here is her birthday present.

It's a tatted, beaded design and work by Nina Libin.

Her patterns and work are absoultely wonderful!!
Her web page is
Check it out.

Though I bid on several items...this was the one I guarded to the bitter end. I wanted to get this for mom. She loves to dress in formal attire for various events. This will be wonderful for one of those events.

So, mom...

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Step One...

I think I'm going to charter a support group for those addicted to tatting and everything tatting. (for those in actual recovery over addictions...this is in no way meant to be, please forgive)

Step one will sound something like this....

1. We admit that we are powerless over tatting -- that our lives have become somewhat more manageable as a result of tatting...well sorta, kinda, maybe not.

Hello! My name is John. I'm addicted to tatting.

How do I know this you ask? Well, I went to the flea again today. First off I met a dealer there (antique dealer..not the kind you were thinking) who gave me a steal on 50 madeira hankies. As you already know, I have enough hankies waiting for an edge to last me until the year 2080.

And then there was this. A sterling shuttle with the Greek key pattern embossed around the edges. I saw it a year ago and regretted not getting it.

Guess what?! It was still there. Waiting for me and my addiction.

As if my bender wasn't complete, I ran across this sterling shuttle. Nothing really fancy.

Wait for it.....................................................................

Flip it over....................................................................

And what's it say?........................................................


Absolutely Priceless!!

Just what every male tatter needs! A sterling shuttle with the name Beulah engraved in it. OMG!! I was laughing so hard and drew a few looks...that's when you know you have an addiction...when the people around you no longer matter. I couldn't resist getting this one.

I now have Beulah's shuttle.

So, you see. I believe I have earned the ability to charter the support group. Who's in with me? I'll keep posting the steps from time to time...just don't take me too seriously.

God, grant me the serenity....

Happy tatting! Keep Laughing! Enjoy some peace today!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Checking in...

It's been awhile since I posted. So, I wanted to show you my 'mess'. I'm practicing the crochet join between two edges and will show that another day. But for now, here's the mess I'm living in. The former 'endless edge' is now being referred to as the 'edge without a cause'. Here is the pile.
Not alot to show..just a pile of lace and my comfy club chair. I'm working on the filet panel which is narrower in width than the sampler piece. When I get tired of the continuous chains I switch over to tatting the rings to the top of the original edge. It's going to be pretty. However, it's going to take a pretty long time to see the accomplishments. Funny...looks like pink and purple are my favorite colors....not really, just happen to be the shuttle and container of the moment. Favorites are blue and green. I'll show you a bit of the tat days loot. I've been hiding my, here's the damage from the 'market' as well as the silent auction.
*Spoken amid sobbing and catharsis.....* "Hello, my name is John and I'm addicted to tatting" and the crowd responds..."Hello John"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sampler Update

Greetings to you all!! I really appreciate all of the input you provided regarding the width of the filet panel in relation to the 'endless' edge. I decided to use the panel as a sampler. For a reminder, here's the inspiration lace.
Realizing that the question was coming from some inner discontent (not really as dramatic as it sounds), I had to listen to my gut. I agree that the panel would have worked as is....But, I decided to try a wider edging with the wider panel. Here are the edges ready to be crocheted together. (except the loose ends of course)
When I tat the new filet, I'll reduce the width. Not only will it be a bit more balanced, it will tat quickly...and with this edge...quick is a good thing! So, now the task is to try to figure out how to crochet..... Any suggestions? I've got the hooks, the thread, and I hope, the patience. I'll keep you posted! Until then, Happy Tatting! John

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Before jumping off the 'endless edge'...

Greetings to you all!! I need your input on this one. I've tatted approximately 9" of the filet panel to be attached to the 'endless edging' (which by the way is 52" to this point). I need to check in with ya'll to get your thoughts on the width of the filet panel in relation to the edge.
The inspiration lace is above the unfinished project. I will be tatting the rows of rings directly to the 'endless edge' as you see in the inspiration lace. So, with that in mind, is the filet panel a bit too wide OR, is it going to be balanced? Be brutal here... Look again...
I can always stop here...before the first week ends and just use this as a sampler and tat up a complete sample with the edge, rings, and panel totaling a simple 9'.
whatcha think? By the way...I was just giggling having noticed the wonderful World Market endorcement....totaly unintentional...but isn't marketing wonderful? Thanks in advance for all your input!! Happy day! John

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Check it out.... Here is the beginning of a long...long...long relationship. I agree with you Erin on the pattern for the filet panel. Here is the beginning...
I had a difficult time 'turning the corner', took a couple tries and had to pick a few doubles....but I think I'm finally on my way. Being left handed, it seemed to take a little more thinking to visualize the turn. I left the beginning 'as is' and am not going to worry about the messy pieces. Here it is with the original piece. I've added a bit of width to the panel and am using a slightly larger thread. Very happy with the outcome to this point.
On another note... The shuttles (clovers) were given to me by Hegla at Tat days. I've been a hold out using the metal boye shuttles and so these were a gift in an attempt to convert me to post shuttles. Once in a while I use a post shuttle if there aren't too many joins. But, so far, I like these and am happy with the joins using my tiny crochet hook.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Greetings to you allI need your help! For the past two days I leafed through my books and tried to find the next project. I even tried to join into the latest challenge recreating the 'yes you can' doily. But, I'm finding that I need repetition right now. And then, I went to the Flea Market. Look what I found!!
It's 2.25 yards of an amazing tatted edge.
So, I need your help. It is three edges two joined and the third crochet joined. I really want to replicate the top. It looks like chain work...
Do you know where this pattern can be found?
I've got that endless know....My April 25th post...not sure how to link to it.... I could attach that edge. Can you tell I think I've found the 'next' project? So, Please,....I need your help! (maybe a bit of mental help is in order too) Smiles! John

Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer's over and Tat days have passed

It's been a while. I've been lurking and watching your posts. You all have been very busy! I have been tatting....just nothing really different than you've already seen. I completed another hanky edge (the same as Marlene's hanky) from the Mary Konoir 'Tatting with Visual Patterns'. I really enjoyed tatting this pattern for the first hanky and seemed to need more. So, I did another.
Then, it was off to Tat Days. I became so engrossed in the learning and socializing I forgot to take any pictures. But, I did learn alot. Here are a few projects from the classes I took with Martha Ess. What a privilege to study tatting with such a gentle soul and proficient tatter. Martha displays herculean patience as she answers all my questions. Here is the Sunrise, Sunset bookmark.
It's a wonderful lesson in lock join. I also tatted two snowflakes in her classes. The first...Not blocked a bit sloppy. BUT, I love the pattern!! It's Martha's Broomstick Picot Snowflake. According to the directions I will wet the center ring and place it over a conical shape. Martha's were so round...I hope for the same with mine.
And then there was the 'Martha's Mrs. Mee's Snowflake
Both snowflake patterns called for the Josephine knot; something I had never done. So, these are practice tries. Something that was very nice for me this year...Each of the classes seemed to utilize similar techniques but added to the learning throughout the weekend and reinforced the learning along the way. Now, I've got to get working on the two patterns I started in Sharren Morgan's classes. Sharren is also a wonderful presence in the classroom!! Her ability to tell a story as she teaches is a true talent. More on that later. In the next post I have to show you all my exploits from the silent auction and the merchandise exhibits....I need not tell you...I have a bunch of tatting to do. I'll show you the purchases over the weekend. Until then, happy tatting! John

Monday, August 15, 2011

Attacking the WIP pile

You've seen the tatting....

Now I've got to produce the finished product. My current boss (Rev. Dr. Ophelia) at the hospital was recently ordained. She is a wonderful woman who is greatly respected throughout our city. Recently she was recognized as Charlotte's Woman of the Year. An amazing recognition and well deserved.

I'm honored to have her as my supervisor.

So, I figured I better get this thing done. Here is the 'shell' made of an Icy blue silk. I've got some tacking to do in order to finish the little windows.

Then I'll attach the tatting placed like this...

I hope to be done by the end of the week. I'll post pictures of the completed project. I really want to get a picture of Ophelia wearing the stole.

Lately, all my projects are gifted with one condition....
I want to be able to take them to TAT days. I enjoy sharing my work and seeing that of other tatters.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A broken record...

If I told you about the last couple would sound strangely familiar. In my feeble little mind I sat quietly appreciating my work Tuesday morning. I thought to myself. You didn't make any big mistakes, you finished your ends and the edging is going to fit the hanky blank beautifully.

I'm learning that pride does not need to be spoken....just felt. No really,... I really did think these things..though momentarily... I still thought them. THEY WERE WRONG!! (ugh)

I laid the hanky out flat on the table...'matched' up the edge and...

Wonky again!!

Really?! Before closing the final repeats I counted 12, 13, 14....12, 13, 14...12, 13, 14.

Now I count 12, 13, 14...12, 13.....How in the heck has this happened?!

clip, rip, repeat.

So, now that's done here is the final product.

I'm happy with the project and can't wait to gift it. Still needing to be pressed, I will worry about that after I tote it to a few ladies for 'presentation'.

Oh, I registered for TAT days!! Really looking forward to seeing my tatting buds there. There is a chance my mom will join us this year. She's a bit nervous as she is a new tatter....I told her she'd be in heaven if she ventured out...We'll see.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Few More Days

The edge is coming along. Only a few more days and I'll be ready to attach it to the hanky. I think it's going to fit well on the hanky...but the jury is still out on that.

To this point, I'm very pleased with the progress and the look. Mary K's patterns are so nice to work.

On another note....I need your help. I'm trying to place comments in your posts. For some, there's no problem. While with others, it's asking me to pick a profile. When I try...I'm redirected back to the sign in page...I do this...and, nothing. I can't even comment on my own page after ya'll leave comments.

Does anyone know what's going on with this?

I hope your weekend is going well!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

On to a new project!

I've got so many projects I want to do and so little time these days. Here is the newest project. I'm tatting an edge for a friend of my mother. She had several hankies in storage and wanted to give them to me. It seems her mother did crochet edges and never used these hankies. I asked her to pick one for me to take and 'regift' her. Here is the hanky and the beginning of an edge.

I chose an edge from Mary Konior's book, "Tatting with Visual Patterns". I think this is the bride's maids pattern. I'll have to check again and let you know if it's different.

As you see, I've got a long way to go. One note...I really like the edging patterns which help you visualize the corners. Now, I just hope this will repeat 'just right' and fit the hanky I've got.

On another note, I would love to be able to respond to your wonderful comments but have been unable to do so.... I've tried everything. So, I'm at a loss on that one.

I will tell you, I'm really looking forward to TAT days this September. I hope your weekend is grand!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Long Awaited

Well, well, well... The long awaited booties have arrived. These things would like to have been my demise. However, I am finished.

I need your input. Here is the finished project. I changed the 'upper' on the toe. Rather than closing the toe with the round 'florette', I decided to try and create a laced version.

What do you think?

You can see I tatted rings and joined the chains to the previous round. This was all done in hopes that the booties could be put onto the baby's foot a little easier and on different sized feet.

I hope the pictures show what I've done. Your feedback is welcomed!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pride Comes Before the......

Pride comes before the.....What the heck was I thinking?!?!

There I proud of my accomplishment. I finished the next row on the tiny little booty. Calm, content, and at peace with myself. I HAD EVEN FINISHED THE ENDS!

As I sat and prepared to start the same row on the second booty I suddenly thought...OMG... John, did it ever occur to you to read the directions CAREFULLY?!

I tatted the last row on booty one opposite of the directions. Join chain to previous row...NOT JOIN RING! (hopefully, you're sensing my frustration)

Here's how it should be going...

And now, the two together. REALLY?!

It's been awhile since I tatted this pattern....but, REALLY?!

Needless to say, this morning I finally got up the energy to cut off the entire row. Tiny little pieces of thread...piled on the table next to me. What's worse is that on the last ring of the second booty in the same tragic round....I tatted one too many rings...more cutting and work to figure what the heck to do.....

Tatting is still restful and peaceful for me (I keep telling myself this)...I just find it difficult to sit in my chair in the summer when there is so much to be doing outside.

Does anyone know a good therapist? (for those that don't know...that's what I do) I think it's my turn for the breathing exercises.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer reintroduction...

So, I just looked an found that my last post was May 22nd. An unbelievable lapse in time. Summer gets in the way of my social networking.... Actually, I've been tatting, just on some of the same projects ya'll have seen before. I've been working to complete several sets of the tatted motifs for cleric stoles and now have two complete sets.

Recently, I've been working on baby booties again. This time, as usual, one of my coworkers is having a baby and I would love to gift her a pair of booties. Many of you have seen these before coming from me. So, please forgive me if you have...but I wanted to stay in touch and let you see the progress.

I'm trying to figure out how to increase the size of the pattern. Therefore, I've added two rings in the first round hoping to first increase the length and maybe the finished width. We'll see how much this adds to the final size.

Other than tatting, my family and I went on our annual camping/hiking trip during the month of June. It was an amazing time. Sometimes I think we camp not necessarily for the moment...rather, we camp for the memories. The storms, the poison ivy, no phone, no lights, no motor cars..... But we always end up reminiscing and laughing (alot!).

We went to the Smokey Mountain National park this year and had a wonderful week filled with many memories. This photo was on our last day, just before we left (and after a night of storms). We visited Clingman's Dome just to see the wonderful panorama.

And here is the family. I got everyone to settle for just a minute as we invited innocent passers by to take our photo. Just like herding cats. We had alot of fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!