Sunday, July 25, 2010

Secretly Tatting, Tatting, Tatting

Greetings to all!
I really am tatting and would love to show you all what I've been working on....but can't. It's a secret. I've been working on the apprentice level tatting projects for the T.A.T. program. I've completed all the projects and am ready to send them out to the reviewers. I really did learn alot through this stage. There is an agreement that I don't share photos of the finished projects. They really are cool and I'm very happy with the majority of work.

At times I had a bit of a challenge converting the patterns for my left handedness. Not until the last project did it get in the way. There was a suggestion made that I convert to right handed tatting. I struggle with this.... I'm not asking others to convert to my way or change their patterns. I will do that work. I am left handed...not ambidextrous....left handed. What are your thoughts on this...should I try to learn differently...? I am quite content with the way I've taught myself and hope to continue though it might be a bit unique and take additional time & modification.

Additionally, I received the completed 'secret' piece from the authors of a mathmatical pattern. I was testing the pattern and will have a photo of my work published. I'm really excited about this...but, once again, you'll have to wait on the picture. In the mean's another picture of Cape Cod....Can you tell I'm dreaming of the next vacation.....only a few weeks away....woohoo!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's hard to say Goodbye...

Ok..., I like giving away pieces of my tatting. But... I sometimes have a difficult time parting with things which have taken so long to complete. As much as I do this craft for others, I really want to keep a bit for myself. So, I began to create a sampler of all my work.

I'm going to get a frame and place a segment of each edging or small sample of the doilies in the frame.

My question for you,... Is it important for you to keep record of your work? This could all be my quirkiness...but, I'm thinking I'm not alone in this. Help me out here....a show of hands. How do you 'keep' some of your own work?