Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tah Dah!

I'm tooting my own horn a bit here...sorry.

Well, here it is. The finished leaf pattern (or finished for now). I adjusted the center by tatting a center ring with eight picots and ended that pass with the tail. The second pass just helps fill the center and stabilize the outer pass.

I figured out how to go from the center out and it seems to work well. The picture below includes the first leaf I posted several weeks ago and shows yesterday's leaf along with the finished product.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


AAAAhhhhhggggg! (ala Charlie Brown)

So, I measured the insert for the linen towel after the first pass. Just right! (yeah right!!). After completing the second pass and placing the insert on the towel it is about 1" too short. I can stretch it to be 'just right' but I've not washed it yet and really believe I've tatted a wonderful book mark and will need to begin again on the insert for the towel. That won't be too bad...it provides me the ability to gift something different. I think I've still got time.

Additionally, my evening with tatting went something like this...

ok. shuttle 2 r:4d+4d-4d-4d cl r
so, I start tatting 4d+ 2d-2d-2d-2d- Arrrggghhh! pick, pick, pick,
so, that's corrected...next time the ring with 4d comes around I tat 3d+3d-3d-3d and cl r ARRRRrrrgghhhh!!! must open ring, must open ring, (I hate opening rings)pick, pick, pick

so, you get the picture...I was a bit preoccupied. HAPPY TATTING!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back on Track

Well, the hospital staff party was a great success and tatting has been on hold for awhile. I became frustrated with the kippahs. The tatting was not the problem. The actual construction of the kippah became a struggle. Not to worry, I'll get back to them. I just needed a break. (anyone else jump from project to project? ;-) I'll post pics of the process later.

BUT...I really needed to pick up the tatting if for no other reason...to relax and enjoy. I still marvel at how therapeutic this craft can be! Here's the newest project. I'm rushing to get one or two Christmas presents ready. I think I've got a new favorite insert.

I'm really happy with this insert because it's quick and quite pretty. It is a creamy yellow, two pass pattern from the Catherina Austin "A New Twist on Tatting" book. It will be attached to the linen hand towel.

SSHhhh....! I think I'm giving it to my niece.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I want to check in and let you know I've been busy. I've been preparing for a staff Christmas party which I'm hosting on Thursday. I wasn't too sure I wanted to get my Christmas tree put up before then because it's so early.


I worked most of the day yesterday on the tree. I really do enjoy decorating the Christmas tree. I literally save up my pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters and buy the tree. This is my own little tradition.

I use all clear glass and silver glass ornaments, a ton of lights, and the longer branches all get a chrystal icecycle hung from the tip. Here's closeup..Did I say I love Christmas?!

I hope you enjoy your holidays!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this Thanksgiving eve I hope you all are well. For those in the U.S. and in other countries, I hope you'll join me in reflecting over the next couple of days.

I've been working on something new. I have a few Jewish friends. One asked me what in the world I would do with my tatting other than lay the doilies around the room. I began to think about how I might incorporate tatting into normal life...for them, they wear kippahs during services...and so, my current project. I've tatted a simple motif and an edge which I will attach to a navy silk satin kippah.

I have to make a pattern, cut and sew a kippah with a black cotton lining (that's for the Thanksgiving break). For demo, I've used a light blue kippah from a Bar mitzvah as a pattern (shown in the picture below). It's very evident in so many of my pictures...I do not like hiding threads.

One problem...I'm not quite sure how to finish out the project. How do I attach the edge and the motif to the kippah. I'm going to pretend I know what I'm doing and work to stitch on the pieces. If you have any suggestions...feel free to fill me in!

I hope to have a finished project in a few days and will post the pics as soon as I'm finished. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Attempts at a leaf design

Here are a few sketches as I began to experiment with the maple leaf. My idea came as I worked on the variegated pink hanky edge. I neglected to join one of the sides and as a result began to imagine a leaf.

Well, I'm learning by doing. Here's the first version....I began with the inner ring and stem. It just was not going to work without a bit more structure.

The second version was more structured but lays a bit wonky...yes it's a term (at least in my vocabulary)

And finally this go 'round is my latest version. I think it's about there except I need to figure how to work it from the inner ring out. I imagine the ring with picots will begin the motif rather than what I actually did here. I tatted the inner ring as the final round. Obviously, I have to hide the ends. So, What are your thoughts?

Attempts at a design....

Ok ya'll,

Do you want to see my attempts at the maple leaf design or should I just wait for the final project? I'm getting close to completing the pattern. It's been interesting....I find myself working the motif backwards (i.e., I've been working the outside pass first and then the interior of the leaf). That's not even taking into consideration my left handed approach to tatting. As usual I've been working in my comfortable zone white DMC 20 thread...figuring I will use the variegated thread on the completed project.

So, let's hear it...to post or not to post?!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I gifted this doily to my mom who celebrated her 70th birthday last week. My brother and I schemed together to surprise my parents in Florida. I flew down for the weekend and enjoyed a wonderful but quick trip. I could see my mother walking home after retrieving her mail ad my parents live down a long (1/2 mile) lane. My car approached, I rolled the window down, smiled and wished her a happy birthday. Her smile was worth it. Although it was short, the time spent with my family was very enjoyable.

I'm also working on my first pattern design. I'm trying to create a maple leaf. Although there are many out there..., I've got something in mind and figured I'd attempt a first design. Soon, I'll post a few pictures of the attempts and show you the progress.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tatting in public

Happy day to everyone!

I was honored to perform a wedding in Provincetown this summer. I made a cleric's stole for a friend who asked me to wear it in the wedding and then give it to her. I did just that. It is made of white dupioni silk with several inlayed motifs and a simple edge.

The header picture atop my blog is a significant memory for me. It was taken at the base of a very tall granite tower which stands on a hill in Provincetown, MA. This beautiful port town at the end of the cape is one of my favorite vacation spots. Every year I find my way to this quaint town and enjoy a lazy vacation. The town is host to all types of people....formerly a whaling port, it became and still is an artist colony. Every morning I wake early and walk to the center of town for my first cup of coffee and indulge in a decadent secret (a chocolate crescent). I sit near the town hall building whose copper tower is in the forefront of the header picture and enjoy as the town comes alive.

Since I began tatting in December of 2008 I wondered if I would gain the confidence to tat in public. Female tatters seem to have no problem with public tatting....I seem to struggle with showing the world my new found abilities. So, Provincetown was to be my first public outing. I found it quite easy to tat and allowed several close friends see and watch. Each one voiced their support and interest.

Following vacation in Provincetown I returned home and began to look forward to Tat Days with the Palmetto Tatters Guild. Upon my arrival, I was surrounded by people who were welcoming and encouraging. There were so many people who loved the art and were excited by the interactions with like minded artists. I really enjoyed the one day I was able to spend with the group there.

However, with all that, I still struggle to imagine myself tatting freely in public. I've learned that tatting is therapy for me. It is private and peaceful. I'm sure there will be times I show others my practice. But for now, I enjoy my nest in the brown leather club chair next to the floor lamp with all my tools on the stand.

Every morning I wake early, pour a cup of coffee and begin on the next motif. I need my own space in the morning and tatting provides a wonderful and peaceful waking. I wonder how others approach their tatting and is it as much a process?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The benefits of a foggy, dreary day...

This morning I woke up to a foggy, dreary day. Although I live only blocks from the center of our city, I could not see the skyline. So, the only option was to curl up in the chair and work to complete a project. Tah Dah!! I'm finaly done with the pink edge.

There were several things I learned in the process. As part of the gift bag from the Palmetto tatting guild tat days I was the owner of this Presencia, Finca No. 16 thread. It is obviously varigated and therefore varied in thicknesses. I didn't know this was a reality when working with varigated threads. So, go figure...my tight tatting had to losen a bit, and yes, I broke the thread many times (including once in the final motif).

I'm beginning to realize hankie edges are tedious and boring. This one project was a bit lengthy, taking approximately 6 weeks to complete. During this project I worked on another edge as well as another pair of baby booties. At any rate, it's complete thanks to a wonderfully dreary day...(I love days like this).

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn has arrived. Our trees are wonderful in their colors and the air is crisp. I'm done for the day...so, a quick check in. I was amazed to see that there were individuals who are actually keeping tabs with me. I've included a picture of a linen doily I gave as a gift to a coworker. The edging is the same as the previous picture and has been adapted from a Blumqvist and Persson pattern. I'm wanting to keep the current project in my WIP (work in progress) pile. When I get weary of another project...that's the first one I pick up. I'm thinking it's going to have to be a couple of yards long...I'm not 100% sure yet.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So, I really need to become more proficient as a blogger....here goes. This site has been set up for my tatting work and projects. I've been tatting since December of 2008. I have the bug. I'll discuss past projects at another time....for now, I'm in a tatting edge hole. I've been working on two edges for several months. Here are a few pics.
Happy Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well, this is a first...my own blog. I've chosen this to stay in touch with all my new friends in the needle art world. I'll post from time to time and welcome any and all input and communications.