Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer's over and Tat days have passed

It's been a while. I've been lurking and watching your posts. You all have been very busy! I have been tatting....just nothing really different than you've already seen. I completed another hanky edge (the same as Marlene's hanky) from the Mary Konoir 'Tatting with Visual Patterns'. I really enjoyed tatting this pattern for the first hanky and seemed to need more. So, I did another.
Then, it was off to Tat Days. I became so engrossed in the learning and socializing I forgot to take any pictures. But, I did learn alot. Here are a few projects from the classes I took with Martha Ess. What a privilege to study tatting with such a gentle soul and proficient tatter. Martha displays herculean patience as she answers all my questions. Here is the Sunrise, Sunset bookmark.
It's a wonderful lesson in lock join. I also tatted two snowflakes in her classes. The first...Not blocked a bit sloppy. BUT, I love the pattern!! It's Martha's Broomstick Picot Snowflake. According to the directions I will wet the center ring and place it over a conical shape. Martha's were so round...I hope for the same with mine.
And then there was the 'Martha's Mrs. Mee's Snowflake
Both snowflake patterns called for the Josephine knot; something I had never done. So, these are practice tries. Something that was very nice for me this year...Each of the classes seemed to utilize similar techniques but added to the learning throughout the weekend and reinforced the learning along the way. Now, I've got to get working on the two patterns I started in Sharren Morgan's classes. Sharren is also a wonderful presence in the classroom!! Her ability to tell a story as she teaches is a true talent. More on that later. In the next post I have to show you all my exploits from the silent auction and the merchandise exhibits....I need not tell you...I have a bunch of tatting to do. I'll show you the purchases over the weekend. Until then, happy tatting! John