Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Long Awaited

Well, well, well... The long awaited booties have arrived. These things would like to have been my demise. However, I am finished.

I need your input. Here is the finished project. I changed the 'upper' on the toe. Rather than closing the toe with the round 'florette', I decided to try and create a laced version.

What do you think?

You can see I tatted rings and joined the chains to the previous round. This was all done in hopes that the booties could be put onto the baby's foot a little easier and on different sized feet.

I hope the pictures show what I've done. Your feedback is welcomed!


  1. Hi John - I think the laced version is a great idea! Especially to fit all sizes of chubby little baby feet - they may fit a little longer this way too. Nice work!

  2. I also like the laced version... very pretty and practical!

  3. Great idea, John! The booties are so delicate looking. Ribbon for a girl, and maybe shoe laces for a boy?

  4. I like this version and beautiful, they look so delicate, using pink lace for a girl and blue for a boy would make them personal.
    Well done

  5. What a great idea! Certainly does work for "the wearing of the tatted booties for a longer time". Almost a "one size fits all" - chubby as well as thin feet.

  6. That's a really good idea. Must try that for ease of putting on. Looks so pretty too with the ribbon.

  7. To be honest, I like the laced ribbon much better than the rosette. It certainly makes for easier fit and longer wear. Improving upon a traditional (and lovely) design is a big win-win!

    Standing ovation to you! *clapping*

  8. I love the laced ribbon! It's a wonderful alternative. Seems like ALL the bootie patterns have a rose at the toe. You can always tat a flower and thread the ribbon through it and the toe at the beginning of lacing if you want something more feminine for a girl.

  9. Very clever idea which has lots of possibilities! Wonderful work!

  10. Hi, John!

    Beautiful booties - I'd like a pair of peep-toe platforms, please. ;-)

    Oh, in pink.

  11. Love 'em! You could tat the rosette anyway, and lace it on so the bow sits right on top of it (for a girl).

    I'm applauding!!!!

  12. Sharren had to mention the rosette. I'd like the rosette, too, please. ;-)

    I'm applauding, too. I can't be outdone by Sharren.