Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Old, New, and Blue

Another project in the WIP pile is this wedding hanky.  The idea that a bride must have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue....this will have all covered except the borrowed piece.  A vintage hanky with newly tatted blue edge will begin as a base for the rest of the piece.  I finished the first round this morning after a year on hold.

I'm a bit rusty on several things as a result of my hiatus with several mistakes on the corners....I have no clue what I was thinking.  AND, I need to review how to join last to first...., other than that, it's fine and DONE.

And another view

And, just a reminder of my plans for this one...

The blue pass is a base for the first round of white rings and chains.  My hope is that I can drop a few rings and chains down each corner to make it quite ruffled.  Any thoughts on this?

As I am a collector, I have a huge stash of vintage hankies.  My goal is to tat a wedding hanky each year.

But, for now, must get ready for another day of jury duty..... (The judge actually warned the jury there was to be no knitting.....he didn't say anything about tatting......). 

Happy Tatting!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hello to my cyber tatting friends!!

It's been so long since I have been in touch with you all.  I have been nursing my elbow.  The 'gym' injury which might also be tendonitis caused by excessive tatting has healed.

During the winter holidays I picked up my shuttles and tatted a simple snowflake

It felt pretty good so I started a bigger project.  I've been wanting to do another stocking.  So, over the last six months I've been slowly tatting a combined edge for another holiday stocking.  Here is the process and the progress.

Now all there is to do is wash, block, and attach it.

Although I think the tendonitis has healed, the elbow still feels a bit tender.  Therefore, I've been going slowly.  Each day I tat for about 1/2 hour.  Not enough...but enough.

In other news.... the year past has been full of good things.  I turned 50.  Still can't believe the time has passed.  We have wonderful neighbors who helped celebrate and are always so gracious.  Here is the evidence.... an impromptu surprise party.

I hope I've been bitten by the tatting bug again because I've missed the tatting community.  It feels good to be in touch with y'all once again.

Until the next entry,

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finally, A New Project!

Greetings to you all!!

My tatting life is so different these days.  I used to tat about 2-3 hours each day.... Now, it's down to two-three rings and chains.  BUT, I'm tatting!

I have chosen my next project and need a bit of advice.  Mary Konoir is my newest inspiration.  I'm going to tat a piece for my family again.  This time it's a wedding hankie.  I'm going to adapt the Jabot Collar pattern from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns.  Here's the inspiration.

I chose a simple vintage pulled thread hankie for the blank in this project.  This first pass of simple rings and chains will be tatted in a light blue.  I'm hoping the color won't be too overpowering for the remaining white rows.  Your opinions on this will be greatly appreciated!!  I've started the row and will probably continue.  However, plans are to tat a second hankie if the current project turns out well.  I'll begin the jabot pattern on the next row.

Have you tatted this pattern before?  For those who have, were you happy with the outcome?

Also, for the corners, I will be manipulating the pattern again.  My question is, "should I 'drop' the corners the way Mary did for the front of the collar?"  I would only go down about 3 or 4 repeats and then advance to the next side of the hankie.  This would provide added 'frilliness' to the overall lace.

So, I'm hoping my description is clear and you will share your opinions!!

Until next time, Peace!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Bri

Greetings to you all!!

As the clouds are gray and rain is falling outside, I decided to pause and check out the tatting blog world. I really stuggle not being able to tat as much as I'd like so I live vicariously through you. Still doctoring the elbow.

Until I have new projects to show, I'll report on some of the projects I've completed and gifted.

Remember this?...


Well, I gifted this bonnet to a coworker (Jan) who became a grandmother for the first time.  She then gifted it to her daughter and granddaughter.

With Jan's permission I want to introduce you to Bri.


Her grandmother gifted me this photo.  I really do enjoy receiving photos of my work in context.  Isn't she beautiful.

Well, until the next time, have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Prodigal Son Revisited

Wow! It's been almost a year since my last post. I've been unable to tat because of the tendinitis in my right elbow resulting in little blogging info regarding tatting. However, It's been quite a year. Let me try to sum it up quickly...

I had a cancer scare in June of last year...all is clear and there was no cancer.

I broke my foot in September... So, no running for 8 weeks. No tatting, no running....no positive coping mechanisms... So, I ate my way through anxious days.... Gotta love some cookies!

All is well!! I'm running and competing again.

I have always had a fascination for the American Presidency. For those who care about this stuff... And sorry if it offends... I was able to meet our First Lady, Michelle Obama (pictures to follow). I also spontaneously decided to go to the inauguration, drove six hours toward the nation's capital and found a front row spot in the general public section (another pic to follow). Both were amazing experiences I will never forget.

Finally, I have slowly started to tat again. Here is the final product of the "endless edge without a cause".

I believe it will someday be the bottom edge of a christening gown.

The elbow still hurts... I guess it's time for the doctor.

And here are two very important days in my life...
The day before the November elections

Presidential Inauguration 2013

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Pass Underway

Greetings to you all!

I made a few decisions.

1. The length of the 'edge without a cause' has been determined. It's as long as it's going to get. Not exactly sure in this moment how long that is...but, It's near 4 feet long

2. The combined patterns look like the following...

3. After I finish this edge over the next week and 1/2, I need to take a break.

Embarrassingly, I have tendonitis as a result of tatting.....geesh!

That's a tough one for a guy to admit in public. Therefore, if anyone asks....I got it from heavy lifting in the gym. :-)

I actually do go to the gym frequently and will be working on the strength of my forearms in order to counteract the movement of tatting. Hopefully, I'll be able to tat and strengthen the forearm. Until then.... watch my back....no, really, it's a gym injury.

Have a wonderful day and happy tatting!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tatting.... but bored...

Greetings to you all!! I've been tatting but have little to show. Sorta. I've got a long rambling post with a few more pictures than usual.

I'm working on Three projects. However, there's not been alot of variety in my tatting recently. Here is the most interesting piece of tatting. It's the crown piece for another baby bonnet.

After completing the last bonnet, I wanted to tat and keep a bonnet for my family. So, here is the beginning piece. I really enjoy the richness of the thick piece of lace. In fact, I am finding it difficult to continue tatting the complete bonnet because it would mean altering the flat piece. Tatting Project #1 on hold...

(just a reminder of the finished piece)

So, as a result, Project #2...I decided to pick up the fillet panel and try to get it to a desired length; a length that will match the endless edge. It is desperately boring. chain, chain, chain, chain, chain..... you've got it.

I began thinking... (always dangerous)... with the work I'm putting into the fillet panel, I'd hate for it not to be part of a family piece....so, I started creating in my mind. Here is what I'm thinking.

I placed the fillet over the bonnet piece...now look. Obviously, the piece under the fillet will not be there....I'll be creating another piece of wide lace to match the bonnet. It will be the hem for a christening gown and will match the crown piece of the baby bonnet.

Project #3 What about the endless edge or 'the edge without a cause'? Here is that edge which is my current project...

I decided that the loose form of the current edge needed something different than the fillet panel...so, I'm attaching a familiar two pass edge.

Then, I believe the endless edge will have an end... But, I must ask you all, "how long should an edging be if it has no purpose?" votes please!

All that rambling...I hope you can decipher the content and make sense of it. I'm going to try to be a bit more attentive to your posts as I have missed the blog world! Have a wonderful day!!