Saturday, November 12, 2011

Step Two...

Welcome to the second gathering of John's 12 step 'Proof of Tatting Addiction' support group.

Last session we covered step one...

We admit that we are powerless over tatting -- that our lives have become somewhat more manageable as a result of tatting...well sorta, kinda, maybe not.

Today we focus on step two...

We have come to believe that a power great than ourselves (along with tatting once daily) can restore us to sanity...or at least help us maintain a balanced sense of reality in relation to the insane world around us.

You may need to help me amend this one a bit.

How do I know I'm addicted? More evidence... I've been holding out on you and hiding a bit of evidence. (I forgot to mention this one because of my own denial) check these books out. I purchased them at tat days. I was so enticed by 'pretty' that I failed to see that the Emmy Liebert book was WRITTEN IN GERMAN...OMG what was I thinking?! I don't speak German...


On another note...

I finished the rings atop the 'endless edge withouth a cause' and have returned to the filet panel

Here is the inspiration piece, the sampler, and the actual edge. More evidence of addiction. I still don't have a final project in mind other than creating a beautiful piece of lace. I think I've decided that it is the 'right' length at 4' 4" in total.

Until the next meeting...Peace and happy tatting!


  1. Hi John. My name is Michelle and am addicted to tatting.

    The German books look beautiful! I hope there are diagrams or good enough pictures that you will be able to use them!

    Your endless edging is just gorgeous!

  2. Hi John. My name is Sue and I'm addicted to tatting.
    I love your endless edging!
    Did your Mom love her Birthday jewels?

  3. Hi John, My name is Margaret and I am addicted to tatting (buying thread, shuttles, patterns, books, etc.)

    For Emmy Liebert try Georgia's site

  4. My name is Ladytats and I am addicted to tatting... threads... patterns.... I was also going to mention Georgia's site, as I am in the process of reworking one of Emmy Liebert's patterns at the moment. This is the 2nd one I have done for her.

  5. Well, guess what, I'm NOT addicted to tatting. Not one bit. Don't even LIKE tatting. Haven't picked up a shuttle in nearly two hours. I HATE tatting. In fact I'm a liar, liar, pants on fire!!!! Heeee, heeeee, heeeee!!!!

  6. My name is Crazy Mom, and I am addicted to all things tatting. And I am not ashamed.

  7. Hi, John. My name is Diane, and I am also addicted to all things tatting. I have a lovely book in French, and the only French I know is, "Ooh! La! La!" I also have some Japanese books, and I don't speak a word of Japanese. I guess it really is an addiction!

  8. Hi John. My name is IsDihara and not only am I addicted to tatting, but a bona fide hand-dyed (hey, that rhymes!) thread junkie too.

    I own tatting books in French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish and Japanese. Learning to read diagrams is my salvation.

    Your endless edging flummoxes my brain with it's beauty and complexity.

  9. Hi John. My name is Sharon and I am addicted to tatting. I have tatting in my purse (never know when I might get stranded someplace) carry some in my lunch box (occasional down time at work) and I'd be afraid to count how many shuttles, tatting books and balls of thread I currently own. I also LOVE tatting events. I attended one today in Indiana, and yes, I got 2 more books, several Starlite shuttles, and more thread.

  10. Hi John and everybody. My name is ...well, I am Dr. Von Threadmore's Mother... I think I am. I LIKE tatting.. that is different that being addicted, right?

 um... alright! I am addicted to tatting too. And that Jane Sass is in de nile! I mean.. y'all have seen her blog.. the brain-cell thing...that there is de nile!!!!! (purses my lips shut and sits down... picks up my shiny shuttle with white thread)

  11. Hi John,

    My name is Margaret andI am addicted to Tatting and have been for 40 years. I am also addicted to books, and more so with tatting books have brought at least 8 this year. I am also addicted to thread, I see some thread and I buy, or order always buying more than I need, varigated more than plain. I am still using the same shuttles I brought 40 years ago.
    Now does the above qualify me as being addicted to tatting?.

    Your tatting is looking good.

  12. Hi John. My name is Max Corinne and am addicted to tatting.

  13. Hi John,
    My name is Martha and I am addicted to tatting.

    As someone said, Georgia's online class is working on this book.

    If you can't wait for that, this site will help decipher the old style lettering:

    And this translator works better for me than Babelfish:

  14. Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve given you a Liebster blog award. You can see my post here: