Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Out With The Old

Out with the old and in with the new...well, sorta.

I've been tatting for 1.5 years with the Boye shuttles. Recently there has been an unexpected shift in the universe and I'm losing the battle. I've benched my Boyes for the current project. Below is a picture of the lonely boye...

I'm working on a hanky edge using new tools; a small shuttle, size 80 thread, a crochet hook, and measuring gauge. Here they are and the result of these surgical, precision tools. Should I admit it's not been too painful? I'm actually seeing the difference.

The Current struggle is starting new thread when there is space between each ring. I think I'm going to experiment with each new addition.

And now...proof of my addiction....the stack of hankies. I'm amassing a fine stash of pulled thread hankies. I'm open to intervention if anyone out there knows how to procede...OR, are you all contributors and enablers?

Have a Wonderful!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tools of the trade and more!

As you know, I went on vacation and rifled through several antique stores. I was so very excited to find tatting shuttles. I never thought of buying post shuttles because I've been stuck in my preference to use the metal boye shuttles. That bias was infiltrated by Nina Libin at TAT days. She suggested wonderful wood shuttles made in Russia which are perfect for her beading technique. The shuttles I purchased for her class are wonderful!

Ergo, a new addiction. While strolling through an outdoor antique market on Saturday morning of my vacation, I found a vendor with wonderful antique and vintage tatting tools, crochet works, and the hankies you've already seen. In this picture are three shuttles you probably have seen in the stashes of many tatters. BUT, I went overboard and purchased a sail makers shuttle. I'm thinking it will come in handy for something at sometime. (See, I didn't need it...I need rehab)

The crochet and bobbin lace pieces were in a pile and were being sold for pennies in relation to their value. I chose several which I believed at the time, were of higher quality or quite unique. (I may be wrong...but, I'm still learning)

I have this idea I'm going to accumulate wonderful works by many people in our past and who currently display their love for the art of lacework. I'm going to enjoy them and then, when I'm gone...(bless their hearts) my niece and nephew will have to figure out what the heck to do with it all. I'm already cuing them up to appreciate, preserve, and forward the group of work.

Now, living with a person who prides himself on being a minimalist (personally, I think that's a cover for obsessive compulsiveness), this 'accumulation' does not mesh well. That's where my creativity comes in and with a little help from the ladies at TAT days, I purchased a tatting tool organizer. They are out there. It's a fishing tackle box.

It even has room for a cooler. Large enough for a six pack of my favorite ginger ale or lunch...see?!

Well, I think that's enough a dose of my rambling for another day. I hope your weekend is grand and happy tatting!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Call Me Crazy.....

The wanderer has returned. What a wonderful vacation I had. It began at the Palmetto Tatters Tat Days where I was finally able to put a few names and faces with my blogging friends. What a great time for laughing, tatting, and learning! Here are a couple pictures taken during the event (thanks to Hegla and her husband).

The class with Nina Libin was amazing. She is brilliant with her jewelry patterns as she makes a complex idea simple for the tatter. The end product is exquisite.

As for this pic,... Krystle's mama (Karrieann) is pictured. Our project was challenging and full of new learning... Karrieann was wonderful and laughter was enjoyed by all.

What a hoot!

Then, it was off to Boston and a high speed ferry out to Provincetown for a great week.

Cape Cod is as beautiful as ever. I enjoy the early mornings as the community awakes. I sit in the town square watching the window washers, street cleaners, and fishermen begin their days.

Now, for the crazy...

I have been on a bender searching through piles of vintage hankies. I purchased several hemstitched hankies which I hope to edge with amazing tatting. Here are a few examples of my recent finds. Is this part of the tatting addiction?...do I need a support group?

This is just a glimpse into the tatting craze. I'm home now....working to detox, sitting in my chair, one & two & one & two and picot. Give me a few days...I'll fill you in on the rest.

Happy tatting!