Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sampler Update

Greetings to you all!! I really appreciate all of the input you provided regarding the width of the filet panel in relation to the 'endless' edge. I decided to use the panel as a sampler. For a reminder, here's the inspiration lace.
Realizing that the question was coming from some inner discontent (not really as dramatic as it sounds), I had to listen to my gut. I agree that the panel would have worked as is....But, I decided to try a wider edging with the wider panel. Here are the edges ready to be crocheted together. (except the loose ends of course)
When I tat the new filet, I'll reduce the width. Not only will it be a bit more balanced, it will tat quickly...and with this edge...quick is a good thing! So, now the task is to try to figure out how to crochet..... Any suggestions? I've got the hooks, the thread, and I hope, the patience. I'll keep you posted! Until then, Happy Tatting! John


  1. What a gorgeous sample you'll end up with too!

    Try YouTube for crochet tutorials. I'm a long time crocheter but I've checked a lot of their videos just to see new techniques and I think the crochet ones are easier to follow than the tatting ones. It's always easier to actually see it than to try to follow text, photos, and your fingers. You can always stop and go back a bit too if something isn't clear.

  2. Easiest way to learn (at least for me) was using YouTube, like Gina said. If it's joined with the filet stitch, search for filet crochet. There are several vids that people have made using yarn so you can see how they're doing it.

    Also, if you use a foundation chain to start with, either crochet loosely or use a slightly larger hook. I've learned my lesson there..

  3. Ahem... I feel neglected! I really need to put something in the mail for you... Shoot me an email - on my blog, in my profile. Thanks!
    Fox : )

  4. I agree with Gina and Katherrine... YouTube has some wonderful instructions! If you're trying to decide on which insertion to use, there are plenty of beautiful insertion designs. I especially like my little Coats & Clark book, which I believe can still be found at many craft stores.

  5. The sample is opulent in its width, a gorgeous, gorgeous sample.

    Your new filet will be gorgeous as well. Looking forward to seeing occasional progress reports.

  6. John, please check your email. You are an additional winner in my giveaway. :-))

  7. Hi, John! Looking great - if you're a written instruction kind of guy, you can always rely on Therese de Dillmont: