Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer reintroduction...

So, I just looked an found that my last post was May 22nd. An unbelievable lapse in time. Summer gets in the way of my social networking.... Actually, I've been tatting, just on some of the same projects ya'll have seen before. I've been working to complete several sets of the tatted motifs for cleric stoles and now have two complete sets.

Recently, I've been working on baby booties again. This time, as usual, one of my coworkers is having a baby and I would love to gift her a pair of booties. Many of you have seen these before coming from me. So, please forgive me if you have...but I wanted to stay in touch and let you see the progress.

I'm trying to figure out how to increase the size of the pattern. Therefore, I've added two rings in the first round hoping to first increase the length and maybe the finished width. We'll see how much this adds to the final size.

Other than tatting, my family and I went on our annual camping/hiking trip during the month of June. It was an amazing time. Sometimes I think we camp not necessarily for the moment...rather, we camp for the memories. The storms, the poison ivy, no phone, no lights, no motor cars..... But we always end up reminiscing and laughing (alot!).

We went to the Smokey Mountain National park this year and had a wonderful week filled with many memories. This photo was on our last day, just before we left (and after a night of storms). We visited Clingman's Dome just to see the wonderful panorama.

And here is the family. I got everyone to settle for just a minute as we invited innocent passers by to take our photo. Just like herding cats. We had alot of fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The booties are beautiful. Is that your own pattern? If so, are you willing to share?

  2. They are gorgeous. I don't tat, but I do crochet. So, take this "advice" for what it's worth...adding two rings will increase the length but probably not the width. Looking at your sole, if you started with a single center run of rings...nine of them; then essentially built your next round as a "race track" around this center would be increasing the width, and not the length. Hopefully you can envision what I mean...

  3. I once had to make the pattern I usually used bigger as the baby was not baptized until 6 months. It really didn't take a lot - I added length. as you did, by increasing the number of rings in the sole. I did not change the toe part at all but I did add an extra row around after the toe part came together so that it would be taller. Kathy has a good idea for increasing the width, altho that wasn't really an issue for me. Depends on the age of the baby. The one I made them for had long feet but narrow.

  4. good looking picture of the family. wonderful that you are all able to get together.
    very good tatting as usual.

  5. the picture of everyone is great... very nice picture!

  6. I would just tat in a larger thread!

    Lovely, happy photo of your clan. Looks as if everyone had a great time!
    Fox : )

  7. Lovely tatting John, and I love the booties.

  8. the tatting is lovely thanks for sharing. i have to keep this short and shift key just died...ha ha ha

  9. Is there somewhere one can get this tatted bootie pattern. I have been looking for one and really like this one.

    You have done beautiful work on them.