Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tah Dah!

I'm tooting my own horn a bit here...sorry.

Well, here it is. The finished leaf pattern (or finished for now). I adjusted the center by tatting a center ring with eight picots and ended that pass with the tail. The second pass just helps fill the center and stabilize the outer pass.

I figured out how to go from the center out and it seems to work well. The picture below includes the first leaf I posted several weeks ago and shows yesterday's leaf along with the finished product.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


AAAAhhhhhggggg! (ala Charlie Brown)

So, I measured the insert for the linen towel after the first pass. Just right! (yeah right!!). After completing the second pass and placing the insert on the towel it is about 1" too short. I can stretch it to be 'just right' but I've not washed it yet and really believe I've tatted a wonderful book mark and will need to begin again on the insert for the towel. That won't be too bad...it provides me the ability to gift something different. I think I've still got time.

Additionally, my evening with tatting went something like this...

ok. shuttle 2 r:4d+4d-4d-4d cl r
so, I start tatting 4d+ 2d-2d-2d-2d- Arrrggghhh! pick, pick, pick,
so, that's corrected...next time the ring with 4d comes around I tat 3d+3d-3d-3d and cl r ARRRRrrrgghhhh!!! must open ring, must open ring, (I hate opening rings)pick, pick, pick

so, you get the picture...I was a bit preoccupied. HAPPY TATTING!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back on Track

Well, the hospital staff party was a great success and tatting has been on hold for awhile. I became frustrated with the kippahs. The tatting was not the problem. The actual construction of the kippah became a struggle. Not to worry, I'll get back to them. I just needed a break. (anyone else jump from project to project? ;-) I'll post pics of the process later.

BUT...I really needed to pick up the tatting if for no other reason...to relax and enjoy. I still marvel at how therapeutic this craft can be! Here's the newest project. I'm rushing to get one or two Christmas presents ready. I think I've got a new favorite insert.

I'm really happy with this insert because it's quick and quite pretty. It is a creamy yellow, two pass pattern from the Catherina Austin "A New Twist on Tatting" book. It will be attached to the linen hand towel.

SSHhhh....! I think I'm giving it to my niece.