Monday, May 24, 2010

Fiber Artist Visits Our City

Greetings to you all!
I want to put you all onto a wonderful artist who recently visited our city.
Her name is Hildur Bjarnadottir.

She is a native of Iceland and also has a residence in Portland, Oregon. Commissioned to create a fiber art piece for our new Mint Museum of Craft and Design, Hildur conducted an exhibition in a the front of the 'old' museum which highlighted her wonderful ability to dye yarns with native plants.

Pictured below are the yarns she produced while in our area. The photos are a not great in quality as they were taken with my cell phone.

The links below highlight her visit as well as a few of her tatting pieces. She free form tats and dyes her own threads. The 'doodles' are dyed using actual blue and black inks. Meeting her was a joy and we look forward to her return and the installation of her work.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well, once again I've been lying low. Hegla from NC recently pointed out it was time I posted...(she's a great teacher and advocate for tatting!). Though quiet, I've been testing a pattern which has felt like a top secret event. I really can't report on the pattern or project until I get the approval from the authors. It was a great experience and hopefully, a picture of my work will be in a book sometime within the next year.

Do you remember this?...

I worked on tatting a kippah for a jewish friend. Tatting was the easy part. I had to create a pattern which was quite the feat. I laugh as I reflect on the mistakes....some pointed while others covered the head down to the ears...It became a trek which I probably will not repeat.

well here is the completed project!

I settled on navy blue silk satin with tatting in size 40 black lizbeth thread.

I will be gifting this after showing a few people. I'm really excited with the project. For future projects, I will probably purchase the satin kippah.

Ssooo much to report on...but I'll wait for another day. Checking in tomorrow, I'll share a couple more things with you. Hope your day is grand!