Friday, August 12, 2011

A broken record...

If I told you about the last couple would sound strangely familiar. In my feeble little mind I sat quietly appreciating my work Tuesday morning. I thought to myself. You didn't make any big mistakes, you finished your ends and the edging is going to fit the hanky blank beautifully.

I'm learning that pride does not need to be spoken....just felt. No really,... I really did think these things..though momentarily... I still thought them. THEY WERE WRONG!! (ugh)

I laid the hanky out flat on the table...'matched' up the edge and...

Wonky again!!

Really?! Before closing the final repeats I counted 12, 13, 14....12, 13, 14...12, 13, 14.

Now I count 12, 13, 14...12, 13.....How in the heck has this happened?!

clip, rip, repeat.

So, now that's done here is the final product.

I'm happy with the project and can't wait to gift it. Still needing to be pressed, I will worry about that after I tote it to a few ladies for 'presentation'.

Oh, I registered for TAT days!! Really looking forward to seeing my tatting buds there. There is a chance my mom will join us this year. She's a bit nervous as she is a new tatter....I told her she'd be in heaven if she ventured out...We'll see.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh, that's exquisite. Join the clan of people who can't count - I'm really good at that on hanky repeats, believe me!!!
    SO wish I could be at Tat Days this year - I'm aiming to try for next year. Would've loved to have met your mum. She'll love it as there are loads of new tatters there. Anyway it isn't ALL about tatting as you know - it's about meeting loads of lovely people.

  2. Oh its beautiful and it really looks lovely on the hanky
    well done.

  3. I love that pattern & have done it myself - yours hanky is SO lovely!

    DO bring your mom! There are lots of Level 1 classes! Looking forward to seeing you there...

  4. That is stunning John!!!! I appreciate your tatting and sharing it with us.

    Tell Mom that she just has to come... just because we would all love her!!!!

    See You There!

  5. Your hanky is gorgeous, John! I sure wish I could attend Palmetto Tat Days. It sounds like so much fun!

  6. Feeble? HA! (JUST your humour !) Wishing I could meet that mind (and the humour that therein dwells) at TAT DAYS, but Canada is just too $far$

    Your tatting is impeccable and the design a delight. What a fabbo gift you have created. It is so beautiful.
    Fox : )

  7. This is an incredible beauty and you SHOULD pat yourself on the back! You found the mistake, corrected it, and WOW! The recipient will treasure it.

  8. Hi John,
    Please ask your Mom to come to the Tat Days. I really like to meet her
    She wouldn't be nervous, just tell her that all the Palmetto's are as nice as her son.
    Riet the B-engel

  9. Wow that's beautiful, probably one of my favorite hankies ever. You did a wonderful job!

  10. I am undone by the beauty of your handkerchief. Well done indeed!

    Looking forward to meeting your Mom in September!

  11. Oh, John, how frustrating! I know you must be glad to be finished and it is truly beautiful. I feel a touch of envy that you'll be at TAT Days and I won't. The tatting crowd is a wonderful group. I hope your mom decides to go, too. She is sure to have a wonderful time.

  12. I love this work! It is gorgeous. I am just returning to tatting after taking a long leave of absence. Just wondering if you might run a post on sources of patterns such as yours. These are incredibly beautiful, and I'm looking for similar patterns. Thank you for your blog!