Saturday, October 29, 2011

Checking in...

It's been awhile since I posted. So, I wanted to show you my 'mess'. I'm practicing the crochet join between two edges and will show that another day. But for now, here's the mess I'm living in. The former 'endless edge' is now being referred to as the 'edge without a cause'. Here is the pile.
Not alot to show..just a pile of lace and my comfy club chair. I'm working on the filet panel which is narrower in width than the sampler piece. When I get tired of the continuous chains I switch over to tatting the rings to the top of the original edge. It's going to be pretty. However, it's going to take a pretty long time to see the accomplishments. Funny...looks like pink and purple are my favorite colors....not really, just happen to be the shuttle and container of the moment. Favorites are blue and green. I'll show you a bit of the tat days loot. I've been hiding my, here's the damage from the 'market' as well as the silent auction.
*Spoken amid sobbing and catharsis.....* "Hello, my name is John and I'm addicted to tatting" and the crowd responds..."Hello John"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sampler Update

Greetings to you all!! I really appreciate all of the input you provided regarding the width of the filet panel in relation to the 'endless' edge. I decided to use the panel as a sampler. For a reminder, here's the inspiration lace.
Realizing that the question was coming from some inner discontent (not really as dramatic as it sounds), I had to listen to my gut. I agree that the panel would have worked as is....But, I decided to try a wider edging with the wider panel. Here are the edges ready to be crocheted together. (except the loose ends of course)
When I tat the new filet, I'll reduce the width. Not only will it be a bit more balanced, it will tat quickly...and with this edge...quick is a good thing! So, now the task is to try to figure out how to crochet..... Any suggestions? I've got the hooks, the thread, and I hope, the patience. I'll keep you posted! Until then, Happy Tatting! John

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Before jumping off the 'endless edge'...

Greetings to you all!! I need your input on this one. I've tatted approximately 9" of the filet panel to be attached to the 'endless edging' (which by the way is 52" to this point). I need to check in with ya'll to get your thoughts on the width of the filet panel in relation to the edge.
The inspiration lace is above the unfinished project. I will be tatting the rows of rings directly to the 'endless edge' as you see in the inspiration lace. So, with that in mind, is the filet panel a bit too wide OR, is it going to be balanced? Be brutal here... Look again...
I can always stop here...before the first week ends and just use this as a sampler and tat up a complete sample with the edge, rings, and panel totaling a simple 9'.
whatcha think? By the way...I was just giggling having noticed the wonderful World Market endorcement....totaly unintentional...but isn't marketing wonderful? Thanks in advance for all your input!! Happy day! John

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Check it out.... Here is the beginning of a long...long...long relationship. I agree with you Erin on the pattern for the filet panel. Here is the beginning...
I had a difficult time 'turning the corner', took a couple tries and had to pick a few doubles....but I think I'm finally on my way. Being left handed, it seemed to take a little more thinking to visualize the turn. I left the beginning 'as is' and am not going to worry about the messy pieces. Here it is with the original piece. I've added a bit of width to the panel and am using a slightly larger thread. Very happy with the outcome to this point.
On another note... The shuttles (clovers) were given to me by Hegla at Tat days. I've been a hold out using the metal boye shuttles and so these were a gift in an attempt to convert me to post shuttles. Once in a while I use a post shuttle if there aren't too many joins. But, so far, I like these and am happy with the joins using my tiny crochet hook.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Greetings to you allI need your help! For the past two days I leafed through my books and tried to find the next project. I even tried to join into the latest challenge recreating the 'yes you can' doily. But, I'm finding that I need repetition right now. And then, I went to the Flea Market. Look what I found!!
It's 2.25 yards of an amazing tatted edge.
So, I need your help. It is three edges two joined and the third crochet joined. I really want to replicate the top. It looks like chain work...
Do you know where this pattern can be found?
I've got that endless know....My April 25th post...not sure how to link to it.... I could attach that edge. Can you tell I think I've found the 'next' project? So, Please,....I need your help! (maybe a bit of mental help is in order too) Smiles! John