Monday, November 2, 2009

Tatting in public

Happy day to everyone!

I was honored to perform a wedding in Provincetown this summer. I made a cleric's stole for a friend who asked me to wear it in the wedding and then give it to her. I did just that. It is made of white dupioni silk with several inlayed motifs and a simple edge.

The header picture atop my blog is a significant memory for me. It was taken at the base of a very tall granite tower which stands on a hill in Provincetown, MA. This beautiful port town at the end of the cape is one of my favorite vacation spots. Every year I find my way to this quaint town and enjoy a lazy vacation. The town is host to all types of people....formerly a whaling port, it became and still is an artist colony. Every morning I wake early and walk to the center of town for my first cup of coffee and indulge in a decadent secret (a chocolate crescent). I sit near the town hall building whose copper tower is in the forefront of the header picture and enjoy as the town comes alive.

Since I began tatting in December of 2008 I wondered if I would gain the confidence to tat in public. Female tatters seem to have no problem with public tatting....I seem to struggle with showing the world my new found abilities. So, Provincetown was to be my first public outing. I found it quite easy to tat and allowed several close friends see and watch. Each one voiced their support and interest.

Following vacation in Provincetown I returned home and began to look forward to Tat Days with the Palmetto Tatters Guild. Upon my arrival, I was surrounded by people who were welcoming and encouraging. There were so many people who loved the art and were excited by the interactions with like minded artists. I really enjoyed the one day I was able to spend with the group there.

However, with all that, I still struggle to imagine myself tatting freely in public. I've learned that tatting is therapy for me. It is private and peaceful. I'm sure there will be times I show others my practice. But for now, I enjoy my nest in the brown leather club chair next to the floor lamp with all my tools on the stand.

Every morning I wake early, pour a cup of coffee and begin on the next motif. I need my own space in the morning and tatting provides a wonderful and peaceful waking. I wonder how others approach their tatting and is it as much a process?


  1. The stole is beautiful! My mom belongs to a liturgical weavers group, and she has woven several stoles. I tatted crosses for her to use as embellishments. Isn't it wonderful how different needlework techniques enhance each other?

    I live in a small rural area, so most of my tatting is done at home. However, I have tatted while waiting for a flight, and each time someone has expressed an interest in what I'm doing. Tatting is my way of relaxing, so I try to tat a little each morning and at the end of the day. I usually have several projects going at once, which does not lead to a feeling of relaxation!

  2. For me the main aim of each day is to find time to do a little tatting, although this does not always happen as my days are busy! I'm not as disciplined as you are in that respect! I find tatting is relaxing (unless I'm working on a complicated pattern!) because it is so different from what I normally do in my life, very selfishly it is something that is my own, I don't have to share "tatting time" with anyone, although I do give an awful lot of tatting away! Saying that, like you, I have tatted whilst waiting for the doctor and in other public places, because it is so easy to carry around and I hate wasting time which is so precious.

  3. Your vacation spot sounds like a wonderful place to visit. It sure looks peaceful and relaxing.

    Your cleric stole looks beautiful! What a lovely keepsake for your friend.

    Thanks for posting about your vacation spot.

  4. AHA!! Yes - very, nice! I see now what you will do with the latest bits.

    Lovely cleric's stole it will be adorned with your excellent, precise stitching.
    Sherlock Fox ; )