Monday, November 9, 2009


I gifted this doily to my mom who celebrated her 70th birthday last week. My brother and I schemed together to surprise my parents in Florida. I flew down for the weekend and enjoyed a wonderful but quick trip. I could see my mother walking home after retrieving her mail ad my parents live down a long (1/2 mile) lane. My car approached, I rolled the window down, smiled and wished her a happy birthday. Her smile was worth it. Although it was short, the time spent with my family was very enjoyable.

I'm also working on my first pattern design. I'm trying to create a maple leaf. Although there are many out there..., I've got something in mind and figured I'd attempt a first design. Soon, I'll post a few pictures of the attempts and show you the progress.


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. That is a beautiful doily! I'm so glad you and your brother were able to surprise you mother. Even a short time with family seems to create wonderful memories!

  3. How special that you both could surprise your Mother for her birthday and spend time with her.

    Your doily is exquisite!!

    Good luck with your Maple Leaf design. My last blog post was all the different tatted leaves that I made this fall. Fall is my favorite season.

    Happy Tatting!!

  4. Pretty doily, look forward to your design.
    Please your Mum had a happy birthday with her family