Thursday, November 12, 2009

Attempts at a leaf design

Here are a few sketches as I began to experiment with the maple leaf. My idea came as I worked on the variegated pink hanky edge. I neglected to join one of the sides and as a result began to imagine a leaf.

Well, I'm learning by doing. Here's the first version....I began with the inner ring and stem. It just was not going to work without a bit more structure.

The second version was more structured but lays a bit wonky...yes it's a term (at least in my vocabulary)

And finally this go 'round is my latest version. I think it's about there except I need to figure how to work it from the inner ring out. I imagine the ring with picots will begin the motif rather than what I actually did here. I tatted the inner ring as the final round. Obviously, I have to hide the ends. So, What are your thoughts?


  1. My thoughts... wow! I love the insight into the development of this design! I have no suggestions for you. I'm totally amazed by what you have accomplished so far. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can see you designing many more pieces in the future, well done. Also like the way you record what you have been doing so neatly, afraid I fail on that!! Mostly work is started with the smallest bit and then branches out, but if it works the other way, can't see a problem as long as it lies flat and not "wonky"

  3. Very nicely done!! The Maple leaf has a very nice shape. It was interesting to see how your design progressed!! Good luck with designing, hope to see more pieces by you!!!! Thanks for sharing your design process!

  4. Why do you have to start on the inside & work outwards? Would it work to have the interior ring a split ring, go into the chain and then end the thread there, like a tassel?