Saturday, October 24, 2009

So, I really need to become more proficient as a goes. This site has been set up for my tatting work and projects. I've been tatting since December of 2008. I have the bug. I'll discuss past projects at another time....for now, I'm in a tatting edge hole. I've been working on two edges for several months. Here are a few pics.
Happy Day!


  1. Very cool edgings! The one in the cream colored thread is looking almost kind of Celtic style. It's hard to tell from the angle of the photo. It would be nice to see a photo of it that is straight on...hint...hint.

  2. Pleased you have the "tatting bug" look forward to seeing more of your work. Now you've joined Jane's site (thats where I caught you!!) try some of her patterns, she can always help you out if you get stuck.

  3. The pink edging on the right is one of my all-time favorites! Looking gooood! The white one on the left looks impressive too. Clearly you have jumped into the tatting pool with both feet!

    How much more of your edgings will you tat before declaring them complete?

    Do you use a shuttle or a needle to create your laces?

  4. Wow! that is quite a length. I am impressed at your patience in doing it. I don't do much edging because I don't have the patience of doing the same design repeatedly.

    What are you attaching the edgings to?