Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well, this is a own blog. I've chosen this to stay in touch with all my new friends in the needle art world. I'll post from time to time and welcome any and all input and communications.


  1. Nice tattings and is good to see more blogs/websites on tatting. Also nice to see more men that tat :)

  2. Hi. I looked and looked and hoped to find an "email me" link on your blog, but failed to find one. I would be grateful if you'd email me. I have an unusual question for you. You can confirm that I am a fellow tatter because I have patterns in the Tatting Pattern a Day calender, one of the many blogs you have listed in your "blogs I follow" list. My name is Esther Paris and I live in RI. I would be very grateful if you'd email me. Because I'm logged in, you should have an email address for me. Thank you for your time. Esther P in RI

  3. Esther,
    I hope you get this...
    john dot nance6 at gmail

    I keep trying to find you in cyberworld