Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kinda Ready

Good morning!

Well, the tatting is sorta, kinda done. Here are the motifs for the cleric's stole. I've finished the majority of tatting for the project...except as usual, the ends need to be sewn in. UGH!

The cross patterns is Rebecca's Colossians 2?14 cross pattern.

Also, I've got to find one of the square motifs....One must wonder how you simply lose something that takes hours to tat....I think I know where it is.

And finally, the edging is one pass too short and therefore, I must join and tat another pass on each edging. Ergo, I don't think I'm quite ready to say, "all done".

On another note, Here are a few pics of the Sago palm that grows in our 'front yard'. I live on a corner street in the center of the city. We planted this Sago about 9 years ago with the hope it would last through one North Carolina winter. 9 years and 12 off shoots later, we trim it back every spring and this is the result.

It's such a prehistoric looking plant as it begins to emerge.

I hope your days a grand!


  1. You're so close to being done! The motifs look great - the cross is beautiful and I really like the triangular pieces. I agree with you on finishing those ends - ugh! Hate doing it, but it's so important to be done well.

    The palm is a gorgeous plant - and it must love the location you've planted it :)

  2. The motifs look beautiful and the crosses look wonderful, its going to look lovely when you have finished it.

    Your sago palm looks gorgeous and wow the size of it, it must love where you planted it.

  3. Beautiful tatting, John. It's going to be wonderful when it's all finished!

  4. Your tatting is so precise and delicate - you are already a master!