Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Bit Too Precise!

I'm working on another Cleric's Stole. This one is going to be in Icy Blue rough silk. I've given the recipient the choice of colors. She chose the lighter blue silk with black tatted motifs and edging. So, here's the combination to this point.

I'm done with the edging and one of the motifs. I will tat a couple crosses and a couple triangles to represent the idea of the Christian Trinity. Of course, as usual, I have to hide the ends.

Now, here's the frustrating if I would work on a project and not find a challenge. I figured the amount of thread to load on the two shuttles for the second square motif.....problem was, I forgot to include the idea of a little extra to stay on the bobbin....AAaaarrrrggghhhh!! !

The little bit of thread you see would probably been enough to complete the motif.... just not enough to anchor as I tatted.

The squares tat up quick enough to just start over. I'll keep ya'll posted on the project.

On another note, I'm missing my mom today. She's in Florida and I'm in North Carolina. I wasn't able to get there this year and she couldn't come this way. I'd rather share this day with her. But we both know we care for and love each other.

To all the mothers, a Giant Happy Mother's Day!


  1. John
    This is where finger tatting comes in handy.
    Do you know how?
    I have a video on you tube and I think there is another if you don't.

  2. its also handy to tie some thread to the bobbin and then tie the thread you are using, then wind the bobbin. When you get to the end you are able to tat pretty much to the end of the thread. then to end you just cut off the thread and the thread first tied to the bobbin is still there for the next time.

  3. You're so neat with your work. I don't have the patience to re-tat something, I'd just rather spend a good long time hiding threads carefully. That method still isn't perfect though.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. This is very lovely tatting.

    I am not too sure about how these pieces work... I have Googled 'Cleric Stole', but where do the smaller motifs go?

    Ah, a cultural conundrum! But, whatever it is, I like!
    Fox ; )

  5. Thank you all for the input!
    I did not blog much about the previous stole I may some two years ago. I'll post a few pictures later in the week. There are some colors which are customary for liturgical vestments...however, there are some denominations which do not place great importance on the colors. I've created my own look for the stoles and seemingly the recipients have been very pleased.

  6. Beautiful looking so lovely so far, I am looking forward to seeing the rest as you go.
    I hope your mother had a lovely day even though you could not be there with her.