Monday, April 25, 2011

The Endless Edge

You've seen it before...

After the large doily I just finished, I needed a break. I went to the WIP pile and tried to figure out what was next on the list to finish... I spotted the 'endless edge'.

AHA!! The pattern is simple and doesn't need a lot of concentration.

I started the edge about 1 1/2 years ago while on vacation. I worked on it off and on went into dormancy. Now it's been sitting idle for nearly a year.

So, I started on it again. I didn't really have a final project in mind. BUT, I do have 52" to this point.

Obviously, that's the problem...

How long should it be? I'm thinking of a round linen table cloth. But, how big should the table cloth be? I know the equation for figuring out circumference of a circle....I just don't know how long....Help me out here.


  1. When I make a tablecloth, I like it to hang over the edge 6" - 10". Shorter than that seems to short, and longer gets in the way. Hope that helps!

  2. I have used 8" overhang when making table cloths. longer will drag on your legs when sitting under the table. but is this a table just for show, like an end table? in which case you would want a longer overhang.

    what pattern are you using, it is very pretty

  3. Wow that's a lot of lace! So pretty!

  4. Hmmm, there I was, as usual, complaining for weeks on end about a tiny hanky border...

    I was also wondering about what pattern you used for this. It is lovely.
    Fox : )

  5. Hi, John!

    Beautiful edging! Here is a good site for "ciphering" your tablecloth dimensions:

    Just lovely!

  6. Hi John
    Gorgeous edging, I think you should go out and buy a large tablecloth and then start to edge it and see how far it goes and then carry on until you have done the whole round. One way or another you may not have much further to go.

  7. Very lovely! Do you share your patterns? I'd be interested in having it!

  8. It's gorgeous, whatever you decide to do with it!! I'm also in the "where did you get the pattern" boat! =-)

  9. Good afternoon to you all!!
    The pattern I've been using on several projects is the svea pattern found in Tatting Patterns and Designs by Blomqvist and Persson. I have shortened it in this project by one chain and ring. I'm also using size 20 thread in order to 'speed' up the process. I may have posted other projects with the same different sizes and lengths. I've used it on the cleric's stole, a simple round with a linen blank and...I think that's about it. Thanks for all your input!! We've got a wonderful round glass table which I'll show ya'll later. If I use the table for the project, I think I'm just under 1/2 done. So, I should finish sometime around 2013...or so.

  10. Wow, John! Fantastic edging, and what patience!

  11. John, it really is a beautiful edging. I'll be checking back for the next 2 years untiol 2013 to see your progress :-)

  12. hey john its sooooo pretty soooo wonder where i can find the patter its nice

  13. tatcrazy,
    The pattern is in the blomquist and perrson book. I use this pattern for many things with additions and subtrations to the length by adding or subracting a chain and ring.