Saturday, October 10, 2020

Helllooooo!? (Echoing)

Yelling into the foggy tatting blog world..... Helllloooooo!! (Echoing)

I’m hoping my tatting world family are still active and nearby.  I’ve missed you!

Many years have passed and life proves full of hurdles and roller coasters.  The ride has been grand!  I’ll share experiences from the past several years along the way.  I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.

I picked up my shuttles to relieve my mind from the pressures of our world.  It works so well to calm the racing brain.  My first project back was not easy... the pattern was easy enough.  The thread size and color were the challenges.

So, to find a more comfortable process, I went back to the familiar and easy with the icicle pattern I adapted from Bloomqvist & Persson.  

White, larger thread to make another Christmas stocking.  This will hopefully be the finished project in a few weeks.  OK, Make that a couple months...

In other news, I am now a clinical assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the counseling department.  Career is a joy and pleasure for me as I work to teach others to help.  

I love my career!

A small part of our campus with my building on the left.

The official Norm the Niner


  1. Hi, John! So glad you're back! Beautiful tatting, and yes, very therapeutic, isn't it?

  2. Welcome back, wonderful to see you and your gorgeous tatting!

  3. Hello Stranger, welcome back, lovely to see you blogging again.
    Beautiful tatting, look forward to seeing it when finished.

  4. Yes the tatting community is still here John! Must admit I tend to dip in and out from time to time as other things in my life take over, therefore quite understand how this has happened to you. I always find other people's lives interesting so thank you for sharing with everyone what you do. Looking forward to more stories from your life.