Sunday, April 28, 2013

Baby Bri

Greetings to you all!!

As the clouds are gray and rain is falling outside, I decided to pause and check out the tatting blog world. I really stuggle not being able to tat as much as I'd like so I live vicariously through you. Still doctoring the elbow.

Until I have new projects to show, I'll report on some of the projects I've completed and gifted.

Remember this?...


Well, I gifted this bonnet to a coworker (Jan) who became a grandmother for the first time.  She then gifted it to her daughter and granddaughter.

With Jan's permission I want to introduce you to Bri.


Her grandmother gifted me this photo.  I really do enjoy receiving photos of my work in context.  Isn't she beautiful.

Well, until the next time, have a wonderful day!!


  1. Very beautiful and the bonnet looks fantastic too.

  2. The bonnet is magnificent and the baby is simply adorable. She will treasure the bonnet and perhaps one day her own baby will wear it too.

  3. That bonnet is beautiful, and she's very cute wearing it, well done

  4. Jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem śliczna czapeczka dla dziecka , Zagladam juz od jakiegos czasu i zawsze czekam na nowe prace..Pozdrawiam Z Polski Viola ..

  5. A work of art and I hope a cherished family heirloom! I also hope a note stays with it honoring the tatter and a mention that even though tatting became very popular in the early 21st century, items such as hand-tatted baby bonnets were still rare! A lovely gift, and a sweet photo! Hope your elbow is mending.

  6. Hi, John,

    Rub a little dark chocolate on your back molars several times a day and at the same time put a shuttle under your pillow for one week, exactly 5 days before a full moon. Guaranteed to help a bad elbow.

    Charming cap. Beautiful child.

    Fox : )

  7. A stunning bonnet, John! And what a gorgeous little one Bri is...the two are an absolutely beautiful pair.

    I hope your elbow mends soon. I am also in tatting withdrawal with an injured thumb. Grrr. You have my deepest sympathy for your enforced time away from the shuttles.

  8. What a beautiful photo! - I love the added touch of the necklace, all very Victorian - or is it Edwardian? What size thread did you use for your bonnet?

  9. Very beautiful job on that bonnet, John. And the mommy and daddy did a beautiful job on the baby, too, which doesn't hurt.

    Two posts! We're busy bloggers, eh? ;-)

  10. Beautiful Bri! Beautiful cap!

  11. beautiful bonnet and baby! Did you design it? Is the pattern out there somewhere?

    1. Teresa, I combined several edge patterns together for the top of the bonnet and created the back. I would like to write out the pattern in the near future.

  12. Wow, John! That is amazing! I am somewhat new to the tatting world. I am a needle tatter. I would someday love to tat such beautiful things as you! What a gift to give. So beautiful!

  13. Hi John. I love your beautiful work and taste, and wonder if its possible to get/buy the pattern for this bonnet, its lovely!

  14. This is so beautiful! I’m planning to make a baby bonnet for my friend and this is so lovely. Are there pictures of the back itself! Or possibly, did you write out your pattern? I'd pay...

  15. Did you ever write up the pattern for this adorable little bonnet! ? !