Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Out With The Old

Out with the old and in with the new...well, sorta.

I've been tatting for 1.5 years with the Boye shuttles. Recently there has been an unexpected shift in the universe and I'm losing the battle. I've benched my Boyes for the current project. Below is a picture of the lonely boye...

I'm working on a hanky edge using new tools; a small shuttle, size 80 thread, a crochet hook, and measuring gauge. Here they are and the result of these surgical, precision tools. Should I admit it's not been too painful? I'm actually seeing the difference.

The Current struggle is starting new thread when there is space between each ring. I think I'm going to experiment with each new addition.

And now...proof of my addiction....the stack of hankies. I'm amassing a fine stash of pulled thread hankies. I'm open to intervention if anyone out there knows how to procede...OR, are you all contributors and enablers?

Have a Wonderful!!


  1. PRETTY EDGING! Sorry can't help you on the hankie front - I KNOW that I have no need of a hankie, but I also KNOW I couldn't part with any of those. If you truly want help, I'm betting you're going to have to look to the world outside Tatland.

    :) Ann

  2. Your edging is beautiful, John! Sorry... I can't help you out with the hankies. I've been finding stashes all around my house, including some Irish linen hankies that I had completely forgotten!

  3. Yes, John.. beautiful edging! Now as far as being contributors and enablers?.. I think I'd say that I would be an instigator than anything else.

    Happy Tatting and hanky!!!!!

  4. Lovely edging and so pretty! also I am not so much into hankies at the moment.

  5. Ooooh, I like that edging! I've not seen it done exactly like that before. If I've seen it at all.

    I've been having the same issue about joining a new thread with all rings and spaces between. I've been trying to add on the new thread at the base of a large ring so I can hide the ends into the bigger ring. I'll probably post them both tomorrow. In the one, I had a LOT of ends to sew in. Not fun. I try to keep them at a minimum but in addition to adding a thread, I had to retro-tat and broke a thread. I had something like 4 pairs of ends to hide for a single round motif.

    I'm a hanky addict too. I think I counted over 100 the last time I checked....several years ago. I only like the ones embroidered in white or with drawn thread work. I do have some embroidered in other colors but all white is my favorite.

  6. Awfully pretty edging -- I have to say awfully because of all those bare threads. Those things are scary. Looks like you've got 'em whipped into shape -- heart shape. Actually it's a wonderful edging. If you find the perfect solution to adding a new thread and hiding the ends, I hope you'll share!

  7. Thank you all for your comments!! I forgot to mention this is the first round of three for this hanky. I hope your day is great!!

  8. ebay has supplied me with some vintage hanky gems over the years - but I probably shouldn't be telling you that, because you will be the competition!
    The edging is beautiful.
    Sew Mate shuttles hold heaps of thread,and if you use size 80, you may be lucky and not have to add any!

  9. Such a pretty edging! Well done! And I see by the hill of hankies you have your work all piled up and ready to go!

  10. I admit I am powerless over my handkerchiefs and my life has become unmanageable. Just be glad you don't have the pink thread Jones as well. Heehee!

    Lovely tatting - you'll grow to love your new tools. ;-)

    Erin in Tenn.

  11. erin,
    I'm jones'n over new (old) shuttles AND hankies...what's up with that...?

  12. Nice to know I'm not the only hanky stasher out there, though my weakness is coloured/patterned ones.... There's a local card shop that sells them (and beeeautiful birthday cards), it's nigh on impossible to leave without a hanky or two as well....
    I'm trying to limit my (hanky) stash to one shoebox's worth of untatted ones. The only way I can stop the overflow is to tat on some occasionally and start using them....which only shifts the problem to a different drawer, but at least they do see the light of day!
    An upside to using my never-ending suppy of tatted hankies is that I've had a few pocket escapees returned to me at work, as my weakness for lacy hankies is well known. =)

  13. John... where did you get your gauge?

  14. Karrieann,
    I think I got the gauge at Michaels....(a big hug your way)