Saturday, September 11, 2010

Call Me Crazy.....

The wanderer has returned. What a wonderful vacation I had. It began at the Palmetto Tatters Tat Days where I was finally able to put a few names and faces with my blogging friends. What a great time for laughing, tatting, and learning! Here are a couple pictures taken during the event (thanks to Hegla and her husband).

The class with Nina Libin was amazing. She is brilliant with her jewelry patterns as she makes a complex idea simple for the tatter. The end product is exquisite.

As for this pic,... Krystle's mama (Karrieann) is pictured. Our project was challenging and full of new learning... Karrieann was wonderful and laughter was enjoyed by all.

What a hoot!

Then, it was off to Boston and a high speed ferry out to Provincetown for a great week.

Cape Cod is as beautiful as ever. I enjoy the early mornings as the community awakes. I sit in the town square watching the window washers, street cleaners, and fishermen begin their days.

Now, for the crazy...

I have been on a bender searching through piles of vintage hankies. I purchased several hemstitched hankies which I hope to edge with amazing tatting. Here are a few examples of my recent finds. Is this part of the tatting addiction? I need a support group?

This is just a glimpse into the tatting craze. I'm home now....working to detox, sitting in my chair, one & two & one & two and picot. Give me a few days...I'll fill you in on the rest.

Happy tatting!


  1. Hahaaa....looks like you had a great time. And blogland is a great support group for that sort of addiction, unless of course you mind the constant enabling we will surely provide...

  2. So pleased you enjoyed your trip. So sorry not to have been there to meet you again. Next year, maybe? Yup, sounds as if the addiction to tatting has hit VERY hard. Goooooodddyyyyy!!

  3. I enjoy seeing the pics of familiar faces tho I'm beginning to see more familiar names whom I've not met face to face! I LOVE those kinds of hankies, with the cutwork, drawn-thread work, and fine embroidery. They are so incredibly delicate. You have started a wonderful stash there!

  4. Off you go to Hankies Anonymous... (H.A.A.)

    The two photos are wonderful - especially the one shot between the buildings. Made me long to see that part of the world again, as I have not been there in decades. Thanks!
    Fox : )

  5. I hadn't thought of looking for vintage hankies... what a great idea! I'm glad you had a good time at Palmetto Tat Days. I hope to make it there some day.

  6. Glad you had a great vacation. The photos from the Cape are great. It looks like the weather cooperated while you were there.
    Those are beautiful handkerchiefs. What a wonderful acquisition. Your tatting will embellish them beautifully. I will wait with (una)bated breath for the results. (Hey, I don't want to turn purple from lack of oxygen! ha hahaha). ;}
    The Best Husband and I are at the Art Center on Sats. Let me know if you are interested in stopping by.
    Glad you are back home.

  7. My father is 81 years old and loves tatting.
    Would you have a pattern for the lovely doily photo's posted on you blog. Thanks