Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Seminar Created Just For Tatting

Good day to you all!
I've been sitting in a seminar for continuing education credits focusing on couples therapy. The greatest part of the seminar....It's a live video web cast. SO, I get to tat and watch. I've been working on the edging and finished attaching the edge to the handkerchief. Now I'm well into round two. The pattern is from an Anne Orr book. I believe the pattern for this is out there all over..that's just my source.

I also wanted to show you all the desk on which I take most of my photos. Many have asked over time what piece of furniture this might be...well here it is. After receiving my Ph.D., I gifted myself with this wonderful desk.

The artist is Linda Van Gehuchten. She is the premiere, female wood turner in the U.S. and created the desk out of a single piece of bubinga wood. She called me one day with urgency stating, I needed this piece of wood. It is absolutely gorgeous! The grain in the wood undulates in a way that, under the right light, appears to be three dimensional. So, there you have it...just thought I'd show and tell.

Now, it's off to 8 more hours of tatting and learning.
I hope your day is grand!!


  1. Your tatting is beautiful - and that desk! WOW! What a gorgeous piece of work.

  2. Wow, that tatting is SO very beautifully done. The neatest I've seen in a long time. LOVE the desk too.

  3. Beautiful tatting, and I like the desk too. Both are lovely works of art.

  4. Hi John, your tatting looks great and the desk is unbelieveable. WOW, what a piece of art, if no one has said this before could you please leave me this in your will?

  5. Hello John,
    Dont think we have "met" before.... so pleased to meet you now

    Your tatting is simply gorgeous and the desk certainly has the wow factor......The grain in the piece of wood is fabulous...many thanks for sharing

    Joy in OZ (Australia)

  6. Hey, John,

    Just checking your blog and noticed my comments do not appear.

    I had written, ages ago it seems, that I love that fiddly border you are working on, but perhaps I included something too scandalous or egregious to publish and the comment has been deleted... or my computer messed up again. Probably the former!

    Anyway, nice work on the edging!

    Fox the Facetious : )

  7. Hey Fox!
    must have been your puter. I always enjoy seeing your comments! I'm hoping to add another entry this evening or tomorrow.