Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tatting.... but bored...

Greetings to you all!! I've been tatting but have little to show. Sorta. I've got a long rambling post with a few more pictures than usual.

I'm working on Three projects. However, there's not been alot of variety in my tatting recently. Here is the most interesting piece of tatting. It's the crown piece for another baby bonnet.

After completing the last bonnet, I wanted to tat and keep a bonnet for my family. So, here is the beginning piece. I really enjoy the richness of the thick piece of lace. In fact, I am finding it difficult to continue tatting the complete bonnet because it would mean altering the flat piece. Tatting Project #1 on hold...

(just a reminder of the finished piece)

So, as a result, Project #2...I decided to pick up the fillet panel and try to get it to a desired length; a length that will match the endless edge. It is desperately boring. chain, chain, chain, chain, chain..... you've got it.

I began thinking... (always dangerous)... with the work I'm putting into the fillet panel, I'd hate for it not to be part of a family piece....so, I started creating in my mind. Here is what I'm thinking.

I placed the fillet over the bonnet piece...now look. Obviously, the piece under the fillet will not be there....I'll be creating another piece of wide lace to match the bonnet. It will be the hem for a christening gown and will match the crown piece of the baby bonnet.

Project #3 What about the endless edge or 'the edge without a cause'? Here is that edge which is my current project...

I decided that the loose form of the current edge needed something different than the fillet panel...so, I'm attaching a familiar two pass edge.

Then, I believe the endless edge will have an end... But, I must ask you all, "how long should an edging be if it has no purpose?" votes please!

All that rambling...I hope you can decipher the content and make sense of it. I'm going to try to be a bit more attentive to your posts as I have missed the blog world! Have a wonderful day!!


  1. very elegant tatting. your work is so even. as for length of edging, do you have a fireplace mantal, or table cloth, or window curtains, or.....

  2. It looks extremely elegant, all of it - what size thread are you using for the thick bonnet?
    It's refreshing, after all, to see tatting in traditional ecru and white - I know all the 100's of colours are great fun, but for classic, timeless pieces, the uncoloured threads are still best!

  3. And to your question as to how long must an endless edging be? - until you run out of thread. I have one such, Mary konior's Leaf Braid, which I've been carrying around in the car for years and years - it's just there if I need it, and the thread's only about half-gone!

  4. I feel dizzy...
    It's amazing!
    Wow!!! :)

  5. How long is long, or you could say how long is a piece is string. What are you going to do with the edging in the end, or perhaps when you finally run out of thread will it be long enough.............

    Beautiful pieces of tatting, could it be you are getting bored with white, I know I would not have lasted this long with them . Thank you for showing such beautiful tatting
    Well done.

  6. I applaud you for starting another baby bonnet! I'm not sure I'd have the perseverance. I also find the tatting in white refreshing. I know that I am always impressed by the simple elegance of white pieces, and then to see the lace made into a beautiful baby bonnet... oh, my!

    As to how much lace to tat... didn't Scarlet O'Hara tat yards and yards for charity? That's my goal! ; )

  7. Your tatting is very elegant, just beautiful. It will make quite a family heirloom.
    I'm enjoying the comments of others on how long to make your edging. How about from here to there?

  8. I love looking at your work it is so beautiful. Is the endless edge to heavy for a wedding veil to create another heirloom for the family?

  9. What very special pieces those will be!! :)

  10. I just fell in love....this piece of tatting is absolutely gorgeous......I admire you for your fabulous work John...keep it up.... I keep coming back to just OOH and Ahh over it
    Joy in OZ

  11. They are all beautiful, but I like the first one the best. So gorgeous...! You do beautiful work. I sometimes have my left hand lock up on me and then yes, I have to quit for a while. Not long though...!

  12. Perhaps you could offer the "endless edge" to a nearby traditional Catholic Church (just google "Extraordinary Form Mass") that they might let it dress a high altar?

  13. John, would you mind sharing your fillet pattern? I've tried to duplicate it but my results are miserable. Thanks!

    P.S. I love white work. Yours is absolutely stunning!