Monday, January 9, 2012


Greetings to you all!

Yesterday was spent trying to 'perfect' the Christmas stocking. By that, I'm referring to the actual stocking. I figured out how to keep the top seam from puckering and now have two sizes. I'll show the two in just a bit.

Your comments are all VERY useful. I see that I'm going to have to do a series of stockings. I think you all are right...(if there is a right and wrong to this). I've not...well, let me show you.

Below are the two smaller stockings with the tatting on the very top and one with it hanging from the 'flipped out' edge.

Both are pleasing on some level.

The snowflake is not a 'must have'. It's another possibility.

Now, here is the third, larger stocking. I'm actually really pleased with the outcome of the stocking. One little change for the future...I'll shorted the 'flipped out' satin lining by 1/2 inch.

The angle of the photo is a bit odd...making the toe look a bit wonky. None to worry, I don't think it looks that way in person.

So, as you see, I'm on my way and have my very own projects for future gifting.

Have a great day!!


  1. The final stocking with both tatting pieces is ver lovely!

  2. OOAaaa,superbe,felicitari

  3. Nice job, John- I really like the last one.

    Greetings from Chapel Hill.

  4. Wonderful stockings! I really like the small stocking with the tatting hanging from the edge.

  5. The third is the best. But I do also like the smaller one with the edging hanging from the top.

    Gorgeous work!

  6. I think the tatting that is attached to the lower edge is just beautiful! The snowflake by itself is very pretty too. Very creative.

  7. I like the last version best, but without the snowflake. The snowflake is lovely in itself, but competes with that beautiful edging for attention. I'd maybe put it on a smaller matching stocking though I can't really tell what the length of these are.

  8. ALL of these stockings are beautiful! The elegant simplicity of the 'lone' white snowflake on the wider cuff is very appealing! I might be tempted to add some long beaded fringe - in dark blue -(no tatting involved!), but that's because I like 'bling'. But it's fine the way it is.

    The shortened cuff definitely showcases the icicles on the longer and shorter versions.
    And the longer one looks great with both the icicle edging and the snowflake!

    However, to me, the exquisite icicle edging looks the most 'balanced' hanging from the flipped over edge, and shows off both fabrics.

    The only problem you will have is fulfilling a demand for all of these, and especially for those with the very labor-intensive icicle edging! You can sometimes get in trouble making gorgeous things! LOL!

  9. I couldn't help noticing that you are getting votes for each of them! The problem is that they are all lovely. It looks like you may have to go with your own gut instinct on this one.