Saturday, February 19, 2011

1 & 2 & 3 &...AAaaarrrrrrGGGggghhhhh!!! pick & pick & pick & ...!

The pattern I'm working on calls for the next round to consist of twenty some motifs based on a four ring pattern....close, tie, and cut. I've chosen to use two shuttles and work with split rings and a mock picot to 'jump' to the next motif. You can see it here.

Problem is, I'm having a difficult time with the fourth ring in each motif. It's a split ring preparing to 'jump'. I'm twisting the stitches somehow. a couple questions: 1. do you do a down join for the second half of the ring, and 2. do you start with the second half of the double as you begin the second half of the split ring? I being clear here?

Look close and you'll see the mess...don't zoom in and maybe it'll look o.k. There is another round of these motifs later in the, I've got practice ahead of me.

Also, I counted the picots in the previous round...guess what...not enough. WHAT?!!! How could that possibly be? I counted and counted and then looked close at the pattern....SHE fudged it!!, my perfectionist self must be content with the same.

Have a great day!!


  1. Split ring down join? Where do you join in a split ring??

    I do the second half of the ring with the second ds first. In other words, reverse the order of the ds in the second half of the SR.

    I only see one twist and it looks as if you can block it straight... Your work looks very, very nice.
    Fox : )

  2. good morning John,
    yes, when doing the second side of the split ring, you start with the 2nd half of the ds. sound wrong, but ends up right.

    when joining to the second half of the split ring, it works best for me to, pull the RING thread up through the joining picot, pass the shuttle through the ring thread from fingers to thumb. then straighten the ring thread to pull the shuttle thread thread down through the joining picot.

    try doing this with large practice thread to get a good look at what you are doing.

    if this isn't clear, then let me know, and I will try to do a better description. ladytatslace at g mail dot com

  3. of course you could always turn the work over, and do the join on the first side of the split ring. If you are doing directional (frontside/backside) tatting, you would have to start your ring with the 2nd half and then the split ring side would start with the first half.

    also, it looks like you are doing a lock join on your mock picots. I don't think you need to

  4. look here too

  5. Oh, sorry - I get it now! Was puzzled all day... too literal am I.

    I do the same kind of join that Ladytats does... Hope you have it straightened out.
    Fox : )