Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well, once again I've been lying low. Hegla from NC recently pointed out it was time I posted...(she's a great teacher and advocate for tatting!). Though quiet, I've been testing a pattern which has felt like a top secret event. I really can't report on the pattern or project until I get the approval from the authors. It was a great experience and hopefully, a picture of my work will be in a book sometime within the next year.

Do you remember this?...

I worked on tatting a kippah for a jewish friend. Tatting was the easy part. I had to create a pattern which was quite the feat. I laugh as I reflect on the mistakes....some pointed while others covered the head down to the ears...It became a trek which I probably will not repeat.

well here is the completed project!

I settled on navy blue silk satin with tatting in size 40 black lizbeth thread.

I will be gifting this after showing a few people. I'm really excited with the project. For future projects, I will probably purchase the satin kippah.

Ssooo much to report on...but I'll wait for another day. Checking in tomorrow, I'll share a couple more things with you. Hope your day is grand!


  1. Very, very nice - and good to see you posting again. Karen

  2. What a challenge you gave yourself. Hope you've kept a paper pattern of the kippah!!!!

  3. Non parlo inglese ma spero che capirai i miei complimenti

  4. Wow! Your kippah should be the hit at Temple. Get ready for custom orders!!!

  5. Missed this! Yummy yarmulka!
    Fox : )