Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wow...has it really been that long ago?!...

Greetings to you all!
I've been a bit busy over the past several months. I'm adjusting to increased hours at my main 'big boy' job. Ergo, I've not been able to tat and socialize as I would like. But, not to worry, I'm still tatting.

I've got alot of catching up to do and will be reading blogs and seeing what ya'll have been doing over the winter holidays.

For me, I'm a bit frustrated with a pattern. I finished another Sunflower doily by Blomqvist and Persson. That one is always a bit of a challenge. But, I started their Ice Crystal pattern and have had to trust that it is going to turn out alright.

The completed (unblocked) doily is the Sunflower doily and then there is the other mess. I realized after two trips to the center rings I was supposed to join the last chains as I tatted toward the center, I'm working to keep the consistency throughout the doily...have I made a major mistake?...the jury is out.

And THEN, as I was tatting this morning I found that I joined the previous center ring in the wrong picots....UGGhhh! I'm ignoring that one and tatting as if nothing ever happened.

So, has anyone worked this pattern before and what was the outcome? Did you have the mess going on that you see above? Please send the good vibes my way.

It's great to be back in here and a giant HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. I haven't tatted that pattern before, so I'm no help. Whenever I make a mistake, I try to make it consistently so that I can consider it a new design element. ; )

  2. I haven't tried this pattern, but have had difficulties with other patterns in their book. Sorry I'm no help. I've been tatting their patterns on large guage threads as a first run-through before I tackle it with the good stuff. But then, I'm not very accomplished at reading patterns, yet. Your ice crystal is looking nice, though.

  3. Yes, I've tatted that before in a peachy colour. Couldn't tell you how it worked up as it was in the days of the dinosaurs. I LOVE that book and bought it I think when it first came out. That's the one with the mobile in it if I remember and I've made that several times. Sorry, that's not a lot of help but it's SOOO good to see you back in tat land.

  4. ...good to see you again, John! and your tattings still amazes me!

  5. John, I have not tatted it myself but Hope Green put a wonderful diagram on my tatting goddess group several years ago that was helpful to many. If you send me your email, I will send it to you.
    ginab6 at yahoo dot com

  6. The Sunflower is gorgeous! Looks like one I would like to tackle...

    As for your new venture... if it were me, I would chalk that first attempt up to exactly what it is: the first attempt.

    Now you know what you are doing, or rather, what you should be doing in that particular pattern; try it again and you will probably be pleased with the result! But, that's me... stubborn!

    Yes, a ,Happy 2011 to you, too!
    Fox : )

  7. I've tatted the ice crystal a number of times. It works out, but you've really got to pay attention and look at the picture a LOT!

  8. Wow, when you tackle a project you really go for the gusto. The sunflower doily is perfection! Your Ice Crystal is coming along quite well. Goodness knows I haven't ever made it that far with a Blomqvist and Perrson pattern.

    It will turn out in the end. Your tenacity will pay off and you will be surprised at how it all comes together. Bravo for not throwing in the towel!

  9. I Tatted the Ice Crystal doily a few years ago and one of the kind tatting ladies wrote the pattern out in our usual way and also drew a diagram it made more sense I want to do it again and In moving house (due to my husbands death in 2011) I have lost the page with all the easy directions on really is a book that has many problems for me.
    Joy in OZ (Australia)