Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yeah Mom!!!

Well, it's official...Mom's a true tatter!

My parents have come for a visit and are staying a few days. It was kinda funny... within 15 minutes of their arrival, Mom and I were sharing our newest tatting acquisitions; threads, books, completed, and current projects. She even brought me a knot to pick....go figure!

Here is her most recent book marker.

She's sitting here concerned that it's not blocked and that the world will me out here. I'm quite proud of her work and told her not to worry. Our tatting world is nothing but kind and often quite humorous.

Just to let you know...I chose a small doily to work on so the hands weren't idle too long. Your comments to my last post were quite interesting.... Fox, your comments were intriguing...
I look at my thread. I fondle my thread. Forgive me, I put my head right in there and smell my thread. I close my eyes and the patterns form behind the eyeballs and - Bob's your uncle! There it is!
Fox : ))

I've been chuckling all week long.

Happy tatting to all!


  1. Please tell your mom that I love her bookmark. I have posted pictures of many unblocked pieces, and I guarantee most of them did not look as good as this!

  2. John & Your Mom,
    I see why John is so proud to show off your work John's mom. Any son would be. Plus it's so cool that you both get to enjoy doing it together. That in it self is priceless. I'd have to say you both get first prize ribbons on this whole situation.

  3. That looks like Lizbeth Springtime thread! Am I right? And it's gorgeous. I can't tell that it's not blocked. A good thread very often does not need blocking. (Or a good tatter, for that matter)

  4. The bookmark is beautiful. A little while in a book and no one will be able to tell you haven't blocked it.

  5. Beautiful bookmark! How cool to share the passion.

    Glad you solved your dilemma!
    Fox ; )

  6. Lovely bookmark wish my son would learn tatting as well. LOL

  7. Tell your mom I think it's lovely! And I haven't blocked any of my tatting, I just place a heavy book on them. :) Have a great day!

  8. Tell your mom I love the bookmark. I have a ton that is not blocked. It looks beautiful just the way it is.

  9. The bookmark looks great! When a piece looks that good before blocking, why block it at all? Great job on in! Love that you can share your tatting treasures and experiences together.