Saturday, January 30, 2010

Psssst....I'm still here.

It's been quite awhile since I've posted. I've been lurking...just not posting. The holidays are over and I'm back in the tatting chair. This morning I finished another insert for a fingertip towel.

Nothing really new, just a lot of what I've already been working on. I'm still learning. The first insert I used 14 repeats for the length...(remember the long pretty 'bookmark'?) Well, I increased the length by one repeat in the pattern....WHAT?! it's shorter than the first, help me out here. Aren't 15 repeats going to be longer than 14?!?!

So, maybe I'm more stressed than before and my knots are tighter...could it be that I've got some stress? I'm teaching at two universities, supervising at the local hospital, and maintaining the counseling practice.....Breathe in....breathe out... I now have 3 long pretty bookmarks. well, not really, I think they'll work. But, how odd....I'm learning that tatting isn't just about math.

I also completed another leaf using a larger thread. It's DMC but am unsure of the number. I'm hoping to take some time tomorrow and write out the pattern in order to share with y'all. I hope you will be able to give it a try and see how well I communicate through pattern writing.


  1. Hi John,
    This a great post!

    Your tatting is lovely, so precisely stitched - especially the leaf. Nice work.

    So, you have stumbled upon the microcosm, have you, in the land of the knavish ds and wiley picot! Welcome!
    Fox : ))

  2. Lol Fox has it right. Tatting can be a very "organic" process. Beautiful work as always though!

  3. Your tatting is just lovely. That leaf is so pretty..I often 'lurk' just to see how everyone else is in Tatland...especially on colder days when my fingers just don't listen.

  4. I think the more you tat a specific pattern, the tighter and more condensed your tatting becomes. Often with a new pattern, we have lots of stops and starts are we check and compare and consider our progress. Once you're familiar with the rhythm of it, you tat for longer uninterupted periods. Make sense?

  5. Lovely patterns ! I hope you don't mind me linking to your blog :-)

  6. Hi, John!

    I just stumbled across your blog. I read your entry regarding tatting in public - heehee! Mine goes everywhere with me. If anyone asks, I tell them I'm a kinesthetic learner.


    Glad to see you here! Beautiful work, too! (or should that be "too beautiful work"?)